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Advent 2010 #3 He Will Be Called

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Advent 2010 #3

He Will Be Called …

Isaiah 9:6c

<openning jokes>

Christmas is the Most wonderful time of the year … so the song says … but not always. If we were to take a poll today, I would guess many of you would say that Christmas isn't always your favorite time.

As a matter of fact many polls say that Christmas is one of the most depressed times of the year for many. It is a time of depression because of a multitude of reasons.

Isolation is often given as a reason for people feeling depressed at Christmas

Another reason is the pressure to keep up or buy give have the latest stuff and not having the means

Guilt is a reason for depression at this time

But perhaps the biggest reason is LOSS … loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship

We come to church and pretend that everything is fine, but I know that is just not true here today. Many of us today are struggling with difficult times, difficult decisions, difficult circumstances and you might be wondering where to turn …

Well … in tough times heroes are born.

It was no accident that all of our comic book Super Heroes were created during times of distress and war in our country. Because people were looking for an escape and hoping that a hero would materialize.

I love Superman and Batman.

> POWERPOINT – Superman and Batman <

One was a man from another world with Superhuman, Supernatural ability. The other was a man just like you and me but with a deep drive within, training, gadgets, etc to make him able to do amazing things.

When Superman came along there were plenty of imposters, copycats, ever heard of WonderMan or MasterMan? Well … that's because there is only one Superman!

We need a Hero … Well I've got news for you … We have one

>POWERPOINT – Jesus on White Horse<

Unto us a child is born … that is One who is like us … familiar with our circumstances and limitations yet able to rise above it … unto us a Son is given, that is one who is from another plane of existence, one with supernatural, otherworldly ability … the Rulership is on his shoulders

Remember our Verses

READ 9:6,7

Let me ask you an interesting question …

… how well do you know God?

Who is he to you?

How well do you know Jesus? Who is he to you?

Is he only The Father, The Son, Savior, is he ONLY God?

Now do you follow me? What does that mean? He is GOD? Is that it?

If that's all you've got you are missing out on who God is and what he has for you.

If Jesus is ONLY your Savior, you are missing so much

God told Isaiah, about Jesus and his name will be called …

… or And he will be called

He will be called … or his name will be called …

The New Living Translation says "These will be his royal titles …"

I really like that wording … his "royal titles"

Because we are NOT talking about his "name" here like the name "Jesus"

<< name = shem (shame) >>

<< called = qara (kaw-raw) >>

The words translated "be called" or "name will be called" are two Hebrew words meaning "the reputation that will be called out, recited, proclaimed"

How do you get a reputation? By Experience

It also means to "endow with a monument"

In other words, this child born, son given, will be remembered from experience with a reputation that is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Well … let me break down these words for a minute and make some observations and then see how we might be able to leave here today with a desire to know God in a more deep and personal way.

The Good News today is that Jesus Christ has what you are looking for and more than that he wants to knock the walls out of your box where you have placed him

He wants to enlarge his reputation with you if you will allow him, if you will take the risk of knowing God more personally

Will you take the risk?

So what is his reputation by which he will be called recited, proclaimed?

1. Wonderful Counselor

A. Wonderful

Pele - peh-leh = wonder, marvel, (extraordinary, hard to understand) marvelous

It is amazing to me the places that we go for instruction and advice

I'm not wanting to pile on … but folks, if you are bored or looking for entertainment … I guess Dr. Phil; or Oprah, etc. are ok but FOLKS … THEY will even tell you that their shows are NOT meant to change your life they are meant for entertainment. Dr. Phil cannot change a person's life in 45 minutes

Folks there is NOTHING that they are telling you that is MARVELOUS or WONDERFUL it is ALL very very ordinary.

I wish I could have a show like that, what an easy way to make money.

I can sit on a show, do a little pre-show research, listen to you for 10 minutes and give you some folksy advise and pick up my check

But we also turn to friends that are going through the same stuff we are for their less than Wonderful advise

Jesus Christ is WONDERFUL … Marvelous, he is extraordinary …

Forsake the Ordinary and come to Christ as your Counselor, your Advisor, your Representative

B. Counselor

Ya'ats - yaw-ats = to advise, consult, to counsel, to deliberate

Another way to word this is that he is a "Wonder of a Counselor" the wonder is that he is GOD and he is MAN … who else are you going to go to for advice that is that?

You can come to me and I can take it before the Lord and do the best I can, but I'm going to point you to Jesus because he is a WONDER … he has been where you are … But more than that he CAME from Eternity, he returned to Eternity, he Created All, he has been where you will never be or understand and he IS where you want to be … he is a WONDER of a Counselor

Turn to him and say … “Lord, teach me, instruct me, direct me, I trust you and will follow your direction”

John 1:4 … in him is life and that life is the light of men

Sing them over again to me … Wonderful Words of Life

John 6:63 - we believe you have the words of life

1 Tim 2:5 - One Mediator

Our Hero, Jesus Christ is our Advocate, our Intercessor

And He is …

2. Mighty God

A. Mighty

Gibbor - ghib-bore = strong, mighty, strong man, brave man .. champion

B. God

El ale = mighty one, mighty men of rank, heroes, God, false god, Jehovah

You see there are many things that want to be GOD in your life … but how strong are they? How mighty are they

This phrase means that Jesus Christ is THE mighty God, the mighty one … there is NONE like Him

Deut 4:39 – acknowledge and take to heart this day that the Lord is God in heaven above and on the earth below. There is no other

Isa 44:8 – do not tremble, do not be afraid. Did I not proclaim this and foretell it long ago? You are my witnesses. Is there any God besides me? No, there is no other Rock; I know not one

Isa 45:5-6 I am the Lord, and there is no other; apart from me there is no God. I will strengthen you, though you have not acknowledged me, so that from the rising of the sun to the place of its setting men may know there is none besides me. I am the Lord, and there is no other

Acts 4:12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved

Jesus Christ is the MIGHTY ONE … there is NO OTHER he IS THE ONE

But what are you letting be god in your life?

A Hero or a Zero?

Are they a Champion or a Loser?

The Real Deal or a Pretender?

This phrase for God is described by Wycliffe this way … He is the irresistible battle champion who alone will obtain the victory in every arena of History

This child born and son given is not just someone to worship or choose as your God, but he is NOT all talk and hype he IS mighty, he has the strength that you need, he has the ability to back up his claim to be God

And then an interesting name

3. Everlasting Father

A. Everlasting

'ad - ad = perpetuity, forever, ancient, continuing existence, eternity

B. Father

'ab - awb = father of … head or founder of a household or clan … originator or patron of a class … generator or producer of …

Do not be confused … this is NOT saying that Jesus will be “Father” in the God sense. God the Father has that role.

A better way to put this is that Jesus Christ is the "Father of Eternity";

He is the head or founder of the household of eternity, the Tribe of Eternal Ones …

He is the Originator of Eternity, he is the Generator or producer of Eternity

If Eternal Life is your GOAL … Jesus Christ is the Producer … the originator … the leader of the pack

There is NO other one to whom you should or even CAN turn … it is Christ or Nothing else in regards to Eternity

Before he died, Jesus told his disciples … “… I go to prepare a place for you … if I go, I will return … I am the way the truth and the life (John 14:2-3; 6)

Scripture says that Jesus is the “Firstborn of creation”, the “firstfruit of the resurrection” … that means the same thing … NOT that he was created but that he is the originator the leader of creation, resurrection

He is our Superhero

finally, He is Prince of Peace

4. Prince of Peace

… let's take these in reverse order

A. Peace

Shalom - shaw-lome = completeness, soundness; welfare, peace, safety, contentment,

B. Prince

Sar - sar = prince, ruler, leader, chief, captain, ruler of rulers

You searching for peace, completeness, soundness of mind and life, safety contentment? Jesus, the child born the son given doesn't just offer you peace of mind. Many religious groups, ideas, practices, hey your insurance guy promises you peace of mind … but

  • JESUS is the CAPTAIN of peace, the ruler of peace, the leader, the ruler of the rulers of peace

Thomas Watson

The Puritan Thomas Watson put it this way: God the Son is called the Prince of Peace. He came into the world with a song of peace: “On earth peace.…” He went out of the world with a legacy of peace, “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you.” Christ’s earnest prayer was for peace; He prayed that His people might be one. Christ not only prayed for peace, but bled for peace: “Having made peace through the blood of His cross.” He died not only to make peace between God and man, but between man and man. Christ suffered on the cross, that He might cement Christians together with His blood; as He prayed for peace, so He paid for peace.

Wonderful Counselor

Mighty God

Everlasting Father

The Prince of Peace

This list is just a taste, Jesus Christ has everything you need.

What do you need today?

I would say that ALL of us desperately need to know God in a fresh and new way today.


I asked you at the beginning if you ONLY know God as GOD or only know Jesus as SAVIOR … then you are desperately in need of a fresh awareness and knowledge of God

They had the practice in the Old Testament of Giving God new names when they knew him in a new way …

So they would take his covenant name, "Jehovah" and put their new understanding with it to come with a new name or take "El" … and add their new understanding

  • El-Shaddai - God, the One of the Mountains - Almighty One
  • El-Elyon - God Most High
  • El-Olam - God of Eternity
  • El-Berith - God of Covenant
  • El-Roi - The God of Seeing … the God who sees me

Jehovah - is God's revealed name, I AM who I AM

  • Jehovah-Jireh - God who provides
  • Jehovah-Nissi - God my banner … (held his hands up for victory)
  • Jehovah-Shaloam - God of Peace
  • Jehovah-Shammah - God is there - a statement that God dwells -within his city - church - people
  • Jehovah-Tsidkenu - God our righteousness …
  • Jehovah- … _______ (you fill in the blank)

But you cannot know him if you refuse to come to him

Jesus pronounced the problems with the “religious ones” in his day when he said that "you search the scriptures thinking that through them you possess life, yet you refuse to COME TO ME and LIVE” – John 5:39-40

Come to Him – He has LIFE and he offers it to us

Not only does he offer it but he LONGS to give it to us … if we will humble ourselves and receive it from him

I would gather you to myself like a mother hen gathers her chicks … but you were not willing - Matthew 23:37

you do not have because you do not ask God James 4:2




ASK --- given

SEEK -- Find

KNOCK -- Opened

(Matthew 7:7)

OH what a GOOD GOD we have






Know that he is God to YOU

He is Your Counselor

He is Your God with ALL the strength you Need

He is the Originator of the Eternity he waits to give you

He is the RULER of the PEACE you seek







And then this will be the greatest Christmas …

The Most Wonderful time of your life

The beginning of a New Day walking with the child who was born, the Savior who was given, the Government, rulership is on his shoulders

Let him be who he is …

Know him in a way you have never known him before





-- My Gift - Call to Him --

If I could do it for you I would …

but ALL I can do is hold Jesus out and Call you to him …

I ache, I long, my desire is that you will stop bearing the burden, the weight of government, the weight of not knowing what to do, the weight of trying to arrange peace in your life, the weight of trying to be strong enough, the weight of trying to earn eternal life …


Behold a Child is born, a Son is Given … His name is JESUS … STOP trying to do it yourself

The God-Man

/Our blessed Lord combined in one, two natures, both complete;

A perfect manhood all sublime, in Godhead all replete./

As man He entered Cana’s feast, a humble guest to dine;

As God He moved the water there, and changed it into wine.

As man He climbed the mountain’s height, a suppliant to be;

As God He left the place of prayer and walked upon the sea.

As man He wept in heartfelt grief, beside a loved one’s grave;

As God He burst the bands of death, Almighty still to save.

As man He lay within a boat o’erpowered by needful sleep;

As God He rose, rebuked the wind and stilled the angry deep.

Such was our Lord in life on earth, in dual nature one;

The woman’s seed in very truth and God’s eternal Son.

O Child, O Son, O Word made flesh, may Thy high praise increase:

Called Wonderful, the Mighty God, Eternal Prince of Peace

Come to Him today

Look to Jesus and Be saved All the Earth







  • Whatever you need today … the solution is a person and JESUS IS HIS NAME
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