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And I must be honest and tell you that I sense this kind of holiness in very few people. Now I’m not trying to insult anyone, for I tell you quite honestly, I don’t even sense it in myself very often. But when I do get around it, it profoundly impacts my heart.

I was just at the National Association meeting and got to be in a very special missions service. They brought home many of the missionaries for a special commemoration. In that service was a very special man in my book. His name: Carlisle Hannah. Brother Hannah went to India as a young man with his wife. It was a difficult field of ministry, but he stuck it out. He lost his young daughter while a missionary, but he refused to quit. He buried her there in the Indian soil and kept preaching. Over many years he has seen many people come to Christ and has a far reaching ministry. A few years ago, his wife Marie died. He buried her in Indian soil. Now in his late 70's when many are retiring from ministry he keeps going back and it is his wish to be buried in Indian soil as well.

Over 10 years ago, Carlisle came to this church and preached for us. It had been a while since I had seen him and I will never forget the impression he made on me. There was such a depth and quiet passion about him. There was a holiness that came from the soul. He didn’t even have to speak. It was just there. That’s the kind of holiness I’m talking about. It’s not being put on. It’s not a “have-to” habit. It’s for real. It’s genuine, and it overcomes the “hypocrite” charge.

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