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Who or what is the Holy Spirit to you

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Who or what is the Holy Spirit to you?

A silly question? Perhaps, until you notice all the different ways mankind has portrayed, God to “really” be at least how they see Him anyway.

Deists- In early America during the 1770's the ones that signed our Declaration of Independence were for the most part Deists that is to say that they believed that God was just like a great old watchmaker, that carefully builds a watch then winds it up and sets it on the table and watches it run touching it no more. Deists believed in God just not a personal one.

Just as there are Deists out there, there are a lot of other types of Christians, they are for the most part Christian although there are some that have beliefs and practices that go too far from the word of God.

Different beliefs and ideas about Jesus are also out there some saying Jesus was a spirit or that He didn’t die, or that He didn’t suffer all these things are shown to be untrue in the word of God.

The Holy Spirit is the same. People that are unable to believe in His power, say it is past, many think God is no longer at work they say the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a thing of the past.

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