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Mule Eggs

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Mule Eggs

Two New York city-slickers got tired of living in the city and bought a West Texas ranch. They wanted to live like the cowboys on TV. These New Yorkers didn’t know what to do next so they decided they needed to have great big garden so they wouldn’t have to buy any groceries so they asked a neighboring farmer if he had a mule for sale. He didn’t, but they started talking and the city boys noticed some honeydew melons piled up against the barn.

They asked what they were, and the farmer decided to have a little fun. He told them that they were mule eggs and if they wanted to buy one, it would hatch, and they would have a mule. The price was fifty dollars. Boy, what a deal!

During the bumpy ride back to their ranch, the mule egg bounced right out of the truck. A jackrabbit saw the melon and hopped right over and started eating! By this time they saw their “mule egg” had fell out of the truck, racing back to the egg, they saw the jackrabbit sitting in the middle of the melon. They were really surprised to see that their mule egg had hatched.

Then the jackrabbit saw them and took off, and they chased it all over the territory. After chasing it for over a mile, the city slickers fell down from exhaustion. One said he felt awful that they had lost the mule, and the other said that he didn’t really care – he didn’t think he could plow with anything that fast anyway!

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