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The Perfect Plan

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The Perfect Plan!

A young man went into the drug store and told the druggist he wanted to buy 3 boxes of candy; a one pound box, a 3 pound box, and a 5 pound box. The druggist brought the candy then asked, “I’m curious why you’re getting 3 different boxes.”

The young man replied, “I have a date tonight with a girl I’ve been wanting to date for months. I’m going to her house for dinner and, afterwards, if she goes out to sit with me on the swing, I’ll give her the 1 pound box; if she lets me put my arm around her, I’ll give her the 3 pound box, and if she lets me kiss her, I’ll give her the 5 pound box.” The druggist agreed that the plan was ingenious.

That night the boy arrived for dinner and when they sat down to eat, the father asked the boy to say the blessing. Well, the boy prayed and prayed and prayed until the girl had to elbow him to stop. Afterwards as they sat on the porch swing, the girl said, “I didn’t know you were so religious.” To which the young man replied, “And I didn’t know your Daddy was the druggist.”

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