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Daniel chapter 8

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Daniel chapter 8

Verse 1

This is the third year of Belshazzars reign which is the last year of his reign.

Verse 2

Daniel is in the city of Babylon when this vision is given to him. Just as the scene changes instantly on TV imagine you are in where you live whewn BAM! The scene changes it is years later, he is walking in another city, Shushan (Also called Susa); in another nation.

Susa is the capital of Persia, “Medo-Persia” near the Ulai River in SW Iran. It is where Nehemiah was the cup bearer for the Persian King, it is also where Queen Esther would be at.

 Then the scene changes again and instead of Shushan he is now standing by the river Ulai on the river plain.

Verse 3

Then the scene changes again and now he sees by the river a RAM. Which has been shown to be the symbol of the Medo-Persian Nation

One horn higher than the other the same as Medo Persia the one horn “the lower” one comes up first that is Media (King Darius) the higher one that came up after was Cyrus King of Persia eventually Persia was what it would be called Media was negated.

Verse 4

Persia pushed westward, Northward, and southward just ass is written in the words of Daniel nothing could withstand its power

Verse 5

The He Goat (Also called Rough or Hairy Goat) signified the Greek Empire the beginning of the Greek empire is said to be in this story.

The Greeks were out on the water sailing on the Mediterranean in a storm. When they consulted the “oracles” as to what they were to do they were told “Follow the Goat” they immediately saw a herd of goats going up a mountain so they anchored and followed the goats up the mountain. That is where the capital city was founded”

The Goat was the symbol for Greece the notable horn was a Notable King (Alexander the Great) also called Alexander the Goat.

The Goat was moved with  choler or enraged at the ram, Alexander had reason to be enraged! The King of Persia was so afraid of him he tried to bribe Alexander’s cook to poison him to death! So the next part takes place

The goat moved without touching the ground. – He moved so fast he didn’t have time to touch the ground! Alexander defeated the world power of Persia with 2 armies in just 2 months

The Persians experienced crushing defeats at Granicus, Issus and finally at Shushan and the river Eulaeus. Within a few months Alexander had crushed the greatest empire known to man.

Alexander was said to have taken his armies to Jerusalem after ordering a tax of all monies in the Temple. The High Priest answered NO! And that caused Alexander to march on Jerusalem. When he arrived the High Priest stepped out of the gates of the city to meet the army alone. He was dressed in his priestly robes with all the adornments of a High Priest. The Armies were brought to a halt by Alexander the Great. Then Alexander the Great stepped off of his horse walked up to the High Priest and bowed down on the ground before him! He told his armies that the night before he had a dream in which he was bowing to a man wearing priestly robes, the High Priest was the man in his dream! The high priest then led Alexander and all his armies into the city of Jerusalem, and he brought the book of Daniel and read to Alexander chapter 8 showing that his taking of Persia was prophesied! He then took no tax and protected Jerusalem as a friend nation.

The Horn was broken – Alexander died young and he put his 4 generals in charges

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