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Answered Prayer Ps 6

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Where to Take Your Problems

Israel in the wilderness. Complaining to Moses. Tell it to God.

Psa 142:2  I poured out my complaint before him; I shewed before him my trouble.

What Problems are you facing today?

Who are you taking your problems to, a friend, a coworker, a relative.

Take Them to the Lord.

Psalm 6:1-10

  1. The Problem—vv. 1-3 He explains his problem.
    1. Plea—v. 1. The Psalmist asks God not to punish him in anger. He wants mercy. Should God give us what we deserve, we would all be sent to hell. We need mercy—not justice!
    2. Pity—v. 2. "Pity me, O Lord, for I am weak. Heal me, for my body is sick" (LB). Sickness can discourage people perhaps more than anything else.
    3. Problem—v. 3. The Psalmist is upset, disturbed, filled with gloom. He asks that he be restored (made new). As Christians, we need to consecrate and dedicate ourselves anew.
    4. Our problems need to be voiced to God just as we would a doctor. God desires we talk it over with him.
    5. The bible says not to be anxious but to petition God.

Remember, the Lord is interested in our needs. His heart is touched with our feelings, weaknesses, and sicknesses. He knows all about us. He knows more about us than we know about ourselves.

  1. The Prayer —vv. 4-7 he talks to God about it.
    1. Pardon—v. 4. He asks God in His kindness to save him and to heal him. Man needs spiritual and physical healing. Christ came to make man whole.
    2. Praise—v. 5. If die young, then cannot praise the Lord. There are various ways of praising the Lord. A few are:
      1. Singing—Ps. 100:4. It is good for all Christians to learn how to praise the Lord in singing.
      2. Praying—Dan. 6:10. Not only asking the Lord for help, but praising Him.
      3. Testifying—Ps. 150:6. All people should be willing to testify, telling of God's goodness.
    3. Pain—v. 6. "I am worn out with pain; every night my pillow is wet with tears" (LB).
    4. Taking our problems to God is like taking our car to a mechanic or calling a repairman to fix an appliance we want to call in the experts. Well God is the expert in our problems you have a problem he has a solution.
    5. Eph 6:18  Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit,
  2. The Promise —vv. 8-10 he Feels reassured.
    1. Answer—v. 8. The Lord heard the prayers and tears of the Psalmist. He sees each tear, feels each pain.
    2. Attention—v. 9. He will answer my prayer in one of three ways:
      1. Yes—it's His will.
      2. No—it's not His will.
      3. Wait—it's not His time to answer.
    3. Answer—v. 10. "All my enemies shall be suddenly dishonored, terror-stricken, and disgraced. God will turn them back in shame" (LB).
    4. God said call on me in your day of trouble and I will answer you.
    5. The Bible says the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard our hearts and minds.

Conl – What God wants is For us to take our problems to him in prayer and believe in his promise to help us.

Tell it to Jesus.

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