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Definitions of Love

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Probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in our culture is the concept of love. There are all kinds of definitions of love around

There are emotional definitions

• A state of perpetual bliss

• Warm fuzzies

• Inner peace found within a relationship

• A tight embrace you feel even when you are miles apart

There are scientific definitions:

• Runaway sexual selection driven by a positive-feedback mechanism

• Dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline mixed in a blender

• A process designed to eliminate undesirable genetic mutations

There are practical definitions

• A diamond, two and a half kids, and a mortgage

• When your mate lets you eat the last bite

• Someone who makes you laugh on your worst day

There are the real definitions that are often what we don’t say.

• Finding someone who completes your puzzle

• A spell cast upon its victim

• The special person that makes everything right in your world

• Getting someone to spend vast amounts of money on you

Those last four have one common theme: Self! You hear it constantly in this society. People constantly speak of love in terms of themselves. Which is probably why so few marriages make it. We are looking for love to bring something to us that we are missing and, when that doesn’t happen, we determine to keep looking.

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