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Get the Facts Straight

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Get the Facts Straight

When you get the “facts” of your faith straightened out then your situations will straighten out.

Faith must be founded upon facts.  And these facts of your faith then becomes the foundation upon which everything stands.  So if my facts are off then everything else will be off.  “I must get the facts straight”.

In a court of criminal law if you are going to convict someone you must present evidence.  You must be able to present “facts” that support your claim.  If you are going to claim your victory you must first get the facts straight.  If you are going to claim your healing you must first get the facts straight.  If you are going to claim your promotion then you must get the facts straight.

When they tried to incriminate Jesus even Pilate had to proclaim “I see no wrong in him”.  The bible says that their “facts” did not agree.  My brothers and sisters life will not work when your facts are not straight. 

Faith does not reset in what is probable or will you feel “impressed” will happen.  Faith is not a feeling.  Why?  Because feelings are not based upon facts.  If you make a move based on your feelings then you are standing on shaky ground.  And any little flash flood coming along will wash your hopes and dash all your dreams away. 

It may not be probable that it is going to work.  It may not seem probable that the victory is going to come.  But victory begins where the probable ends.  God likes to show up when it no longer seems probable that it will happen.  Because He is helping us get the facts straight that there is nothing too hard for God.  It was no longer probable that Lazarus would be healed.  But that is when Jesus showed up.  Why does God do us like that?  Because we have not gotten the facts straight yet about who Jesus is and what he can do.  But every time he blesses it becomes etched in my mind as a fact.

Our mind is skeptical.  Every time new information enters in it doesn’t readily receive it.  It actually places it in an area of our minds labeled “opinion”.  So most of the Word of God is actually stored in your mind as “opinion”.  This is why we have a problem believing.  But when we “feel” like we are going to die.  When we feel like it is too much for us to bear.  When it feels like we have gone the last mile of the way and can’t go any further.  That is when God shows up.  When Jesus shows up in the fourth watch of the night in your life it moves those “opinions” under a new heading called “facts”. 

There are a couple of ways to discover if you have “facts” or “fallacy”.

1.      Real faith based upon the facts of the Word of God is always increased by opposition.  But false confidence becomes damaged and discouraged.  Disappointment is a good indicator that you need to get the facts straight.

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