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Foundations Review 1

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Review of this Month’s Lessons

1. By one mans sin, sin passed genetically to each member of the human race. Adam was created tricodomos. With Body, Soul and a Human Spirit. We are created dichotomous. With Body, and Soul. (Genesis 2:17) (Psalms 51:5) (Romans 3:23)

2. At Faith alone in Christ alone, we are spiritually regenerated. We are once again trichodomos beings with a human spirit in us.

3. The Human Spirit is that storage unit where we store Biblical information in our soul. It is also the means where we communicate with God. (At the moment of sin Adam and Eve entered into the Slave Market of Sin. Romans 5:12)

4. All of this is made possible through the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit, who indwells, and fills every believer at the moment of Salvation. (Eph 5:18, 1 John 5:9) (1 Cor 3:16) (Romans 8:26)

5. God being Holy cannot have anything to do with sin. (Psalms 22:1) (Mark 15:34)

6. The Mosaic Law revealed Sin. (Romans 3:20)

7. The Mosaic Law saves NO ONE (Hebrews 7:19) (1 Timothy 1:9) (Galatians 2:21)

8. God demands Judgment for Sin (Romans 6:23)

9. A virgin Birth was necessary in order that Messiah could take on Human flesh but not be marked by Adams original sin.

10. A virgin Birth was predicted in the Old Testament (Isaiah 9:6)

11. A virgin Birth was fulfilled in the New Testament (Matt. 1:23)

12. The Old Testament claimed Messiah eternal. Habakkuk 1:12) (That verse also shows the belief in a resurrection.)

13. Jesus claimed to be God. (Compare Exodus 3 with John 8:58, also John 1:1) (John 1:14)

14. The Old Testament predicts a suffering Messiah. (Isaiah 53) (Genesis 2:13)

15. Josephus an Old Testament historian (who lived form ad30-ad100) testifies to Jesus Christ’s divinity,

16. The Bible is inspired by God. The word for inspired is Theopneustos. Which literally means “God breathed”

Definition of God breathed.

God the Holy Spirit so supernaturally directed the human writers of

Scripture, that without waving their human intelligence, vocabulary,

Individuality, literary style, personality, personal feelings, or any other

Human factor, His complete and coherent message to mankind was recorded with perfect accuracy in the original languages of Scripture, the very words bearing the authority of divine authorship.

17. Guidelines to Prayer. Matt. 6:6 We are to pray to the Father.

18. John 16:23 Seal the prayer in Jesus name. Notice Jesus says. “Ask nothing of me.” Which further proves point 17 that we are to submit our requests to the Father.

19. Our prayers must be aligned with the Will of the Father (1 John 5:14)

20. We must pray when we are filled with the Spirit. (Eph 6:18) Outline the two ministries of the Sprit. The Teaching, and the Convicting

21. The different views of God. Monotheism the belief in one God. Polytheism the belief in multiple Gods, Theism the belief in at least one God. And Theism the belief that a Supreme Being exist.

22. The Trinity is the belief in a threefold personality in one Divine Being. (Genesis 1:26) (Isaiah 48:16)

23. Belief in a Trinity still is a belief in one God.

24. The Holy Sprit baptizes you into union with Jesus Christ. 1 Cor 12:12 Col 2:12

25. There is no Baptism with the Holy Spirit. (Also known as Tongues)

26. Tongues was a sign for unsaved Israel to see their Messiah had arrived. (1 Cor 14:22)

27. The gift was to be used decently and in order. 1 Cor 14:27

28. Tongues ceased to be used in this dispensation at Ad 70 when God’s Judgment on Israel was consummated with the destruction of the Temple. Finished. (1 Cor13:8) Also the cannon of scripture was complete by this time

29. Repackaging Christianity. Under leaders such as Rick Warren, Joel Olsten, Bill Cornelius. Church has become a entertainment destination. With Loud music, Uplifting motivational speeches, Youth recruitment. It has nothing to do with learning, believing, and applying Bible teaching. (Hebrews 6:1)

30. Titus 2:1 says to teach Sound doctrine. And Eph 4:14 says not to be swayed by smooth speeches with no content.

31. We went over evidence of Rapture. 1 Thess 4:16)

32. We saw that the Rapture is a separate event from the second coming of Christ. (Acts 1:9-11, 1 Cor 15:51, John 14:1-3)

33. Views of the Kingdom. Premillennial the second coming will come first then the kingdom will be issued in. Postmillennial. A belief that the gospel in this age will ultimately triumph the world and then the kingdom will be issued in. Almillenialism denies there is a actual kingdom that will occur. They believe that Christ is reigning on our “hearts” right not.

4. The millennium is promised to Israel in the Davidic covenant, 2 Sam 7:8©17, Ps 89:20©37.

2. The millennium is prophesied in Isa 2, 11, 12, 35, 60©65.

3. The millennium is presented during the first Advent of Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ

presented the conditions of the perfect environment that would exist during the millennium in the

Sermon on the Mount.

4. The millennium is postponed by the rejection of Christ as the Son of David and the legitimate Messiah.

5. In its place, we have the calling out of the royal family of God©©the Church

Age believer.

5. The millennium is plagiarized by Satan's attempt to create perfect environment on the

earth, not only during the Church Age, but especially in the Tribulation.

6. The millennium is proclaimed by angelic heralds in Rev 10 and by human heralds in

Rev 11.

7. The millennium is provided by the Second Advent of Christ, Rev 11:15©19, Rev 19.

34. The five cycles of Discipline. For a nation Lev 26:

35. The first cycle Terror, fear, loss of personal freedom due to negative volition to Bible doctrine.

36. Second cycle Economic Recession, and depression

37. Third cycle Violence and Breakdown of Law and Order.

38. Fourth cycle Military conquest, and foreign occupation of a nation

39. Destruction of a nation due to Maximum negative volition to bible doctrine

40. The pivot is defined as the accumulation of mature

believers living in a client nation or under civil government in

a specific geographical location.

40. When the pivot is to small it spells disaster for the client nation.

41. We also went over the dietary laws of the Mosaic Law.

42. We saw how even though Daniel and his friends had their nation occupied under the fourth cycle of discipline, and even though his peers were violating the mosaic law by eating food that had been used as an offering to false Gods, Daniel and his friends stood in distinction. Under great suffering they stood out, by applying Bible doctrine.

43. Which takes us to James chapter 1.

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