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To my family at Our Redeemer

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To my family at Our Redeemer,

Greetings in the name of the Lord!  It’s been a while since the last time that I wrote you.  Life at the seminary is busy—that was an understatement.  I am in my final quarter before Vicarage (the year long internship portion of my seminary education) and in just three weeks time, I will learn where I will be sent for that year.  I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts of encouragement.  When I think of Our Redeemer, I think of exactly the kind of people that I will be serving one day in the future.  It is a wonderful reminder that the seminary is a temporary vocation for me.  Although I have enjoyed my time here, and will enjoy the rest of it, I am eager to be called to serve God’s flock as one of His under-shepherds.

This February, I was blessed to participate in the Seminary Chorus’ Spring Tour, which took us through Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada.  The trip took about 11 days (the majority of my spring break), but we took the seminary to the people of God in close to a dozen churches.  I am currently coordinating student chapel services here, which has been a big responsibility, but it has been a blessing at the same time.  (And yes, Mrs. Snyder, I still go to chapel). 

In other news, Chelsea and I are still planning the wedding, which is fewer than three months away.  I will be finishing up with this quarter about halfway through May, and I look forward to seeing you all.

Lastly, I thank you for all that you have done for me in my time here.  Receiving church newsletters and the occasional greeting through my parents from you brighten my day.  The financial help that you have been so generous with is a tremendous blessing.  I thank God constantly for the blessing that my church family is to me.  May God continue to bless Our Redeemer in all that you do. 

In Christ,

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