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Spiritual Resolutions LUKE 416

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Spiritual Resolutions

Open with prayer and words of thanks:

-         Box of food for college students a wonderful gift.

-         Fill Aldersgate in of acceptance into Asbury Theological Seminary

Scripture:  Isaiah 49:8-13

                   Luke 4: 16-19

Speak of Luke 4 Verse by verse

-         BKG on what is going on in this passage and relate it to a spiritual resolution.

-     Jesus is at the synagogue.  A synagogue is….  A place were Jewish families

      met. This was a step down from the temple and was a place were one could

      learn about the Jewish law and attend “church”

-         This was the custom for Jesus, thus he was not new at this attending church thing.  He was well known and he knew the scripture as evidenced by what is stated in the scripture written by Luke.


This all is stated to give a quick picture that Jesus was ready to make a spiritual resolution.


Let me apply this to today’s world.  Before we can make a resolution we must be ready to make it. 


How many of you have made a New Years Resolution? 

I did.  I resolved to get it shape.  Round is a shape!

In all seriousness most resolutions are made because the person making them dose it for all the wrong reasons.  In other words they really aren’t prepared to make them right?

In Luke 4:16-17 we are given some insight into how ready Jesus was to make this Spiritual resolution. 


It is one thing to make a New Years Resolution but when one makes a Spiritual Resolution they should keep in mind they should think it over in detail. 

But why a Spiritual Resolution instead of a Worldly Resolution? 

-         We are told worldly things are but a shadow, a fleeting vapor, so they really don’t last.

-         Worldly things are just that worldly and unpredictable and full of sin, the motive is full of other intentions.

(1415)        Matthew 6:19& 20 says:  “ Do not store up for yourselves treasures on

earth, where moth and rust destroy, and             where thieves break in and steal.  But store

up for yourselves treasures in heave….

But someone says to you: why are you doing that don’t you want to get thin, look, better, turn a few heads? 

Answer them back:  “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world,

                                       Yet forfeits his soul?”  Mt. 16:26

But back to Luke and V 18-19. 

This was Jesus’ first public speech yet only Luke records it.  In V 18-19 Jesus makes three resolutions:  (Read 18&19) 

1.      He will preach the good news to those who have not heard it.

2.      He will  proclaim freedom and heal those with physical ills

3.      He will save those lost in sin

And in doing this he will proclaim the year of the Lord, which was what the Jews were praying for when Isaiah wrote this scripture.  Except Jesus was saying he would now do this in his daily ministry.

In a way Jesus made a Spiritual Resolution for you and me. He was willing to go all the way to the cross to hold his end of the Spiritual Resolution he made for you and me. Nothing would stand in his way not even death.  ***************

Now as I was preparing for this lesson I couldn’t quite get the scripture I wanted.  You know how it is with a craving for food? 

Then v.19 filled it.  Jesus was here to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

You’re in his favor!   Amen! 

But your asking: Brother Love, what in the world dose that mean?  Flip to Isaiah 49: 8-13. 

I could also have you flip to Isaiah 62: 1&2 but 49 is a much better.  And talks about the Restoration of Israel. 

Read Isaiah 49:8-13. 

So if Jesus made this Resolution to heal and preach what can we expect? 

1.      He will answer you and help you over come all problems no matter what they are all you need to do is ask.

2.      He will speak words to you and allow you to speak to others, and he will save you and help those you speak to understand his saving grace.

3.      He will not let you go hungry or thrust, in other words he will fill you up and keep you going. And when you are tired the road you travel on will rise up to meet you.

In short the Heavenly Father was saying to Isaiah and repeating through Jesus the joy and blessing of those who find salvation in Christ of those who make strong Spiritual Resolutions will be blessed.

Have you even seen anyone who received an answer to prayer?  I mean a true answer they were close to giving up.  I have. 

Story of a Patient I took care of who had nothing.

How can Jesus help you in this New Year? 

What Spiritual resolution do you have for him or someone else? 

If so look to Isaiah 49:13 and “Shout for joy, O heavens; rejoice, O earth: burst into song, O mountains!  For the Lord comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones!

Tie this into the story.

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