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Matthew 1 Do You Know Jesus

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I was preparing for finials this week and they and I noticed something different about the questions I read.  There are questions and then there is the real question, know what I mean?   To day I have a question for you.  DO YOU KNOW WHO JESUS IS?

Just like the test I took, this has many views and answers to it.  Sometimes it is easy to cross out the wrong answers and come up with the right one.  But since I was doing a nursing test the answers are not always clear.  So it seems with the question “Do you know Jesus?” 

In Matthew we are told Mary gave birth to Jesus.  But I don’t believe he wanted to tell of the birth so much as he wanted to answer the questions WHO IS JESUS?  Answering this question would allow the Jews to ask themselves if they really know Jesus.  You see some questions require a more in-depth look. 

Do you know Jesus?  Now if you where taking a multiple choice test I would advise not to pick letter C because it states yes I know Jesus, and he is the son of God.  Now that is a good answer but I forgot to tell you only the best answer will be accepted.  I despise when professors put that statement at the top of a test in the directions part!   “Pick the best answer” Well in this case picking the best answer is the only way to get into heaven!  So pick very carefully. 

Let us explore the reading in Matthew one a little close before moving on. The first part of the chapter deals with who Jesus was.  To the writer of this book it is essential the reader knows who Jesus is.  Again do you know who Jesus is?  Have you let yourself in this Christmas session understand who he is?  Have you explored this person who is called Jesus to the point you have knot in you stomach? 

Matthew wants you to explore so deep into yourself that we must know!  In VV 1-17 he explains the genealogy of Christ.  I am not going to explain this very important line of decent.  I am not the man to do so, however, one point to be made is the genealogy of Jesus announces the fact that the one with whom this book is concerned is in deed the true Messiah.  Do you really know Jesus?  That question is still there, because it is so important to me and to GOD! 

In v. 23 Matthew recites a verse from Isaiah.  This verse explains Jesus in a clear light.  It says a lot and lets nothing to the imagination.  It includes some answers to our question. 

                                                Read v.23

The importance of the virgin birth CAN NOT be over emphasized.  According to Heb. 7:25-26 in order for our Jesus to be allowed to pay for our sins and bring salvation to the world he must accomplish three goals mentioned in v. 23. 

Requirement I 

According to Heb he must be fully human!  I really like this fully human part!!! Praise God!!!  Human.  What is it what does the word mean?  It means, to be a member of the genus Homo sapiens!  Not a member of the fish clan, not a member of the reptiles, not a member of apes, but a member of you and your family!  He knows the entire array of feelings a human has.  Today we place so much emphasis on genes and genetic toady.  Jesus had the same human genes you have, he had the same potential to die at birth and catch the cold or flu he was human!  To not accept any of the human problems was not a choice it was all or nothing! 

The only way Jesus could be born human was to be born of a woman.  “Will give birth” is used to explain the human process of birth.  (Side notes of birth and OB this clinical rotation)  When Jesus was born he was subjected to the same potential problems any child may face.  In a way I want to think of the birth as the doorway to this world.  Jesus was standing on the other side of that door and he choose to come through with ever emotion a human can feel.  He could feel pain.  Surely he knew on day the nails would cause pain.  He could have chosen not to have tears!  But he knew many of us would cry them one day.  Do you know who Jesus is?  The question just became more meaningful and is no only becoming clearer! 

Requirement II

The second requirement of the savior was to be sinless.  The only way this cold be was to be conceived by the Holy Spirit.  According to Paul some years later this is one of the most important traits Jesus had to offer.  We can be baptized into the Holy Spirit and thus we are sinless in the eyes of God.  And according to Paul we are baptized into life since Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit.  Only he could defeat Hell and only he can keep us alive.

Requirement III

The finial point v. 23 makes is the only way he could be divine was to have God as his father.  The result: his conception was not by natural means but super natural means!!! 


In living and suffering as a human person, Jesus sympathizes with out weaknesses.  As the divine Son of God, he has the power to deliver us from sin’s bondage and Satan’s power!!!!!!!!!!!





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