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A Productive Operation; Meeting God's Expectation

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We must not be surprised that our Lord suddenly changed from discussing His return as it relates to Israel to His return as it relates to the church. It is not uncommon in Scripture for a speaker or writer to change emphasis right in the middle of a sentence.[1][1]

The Church Age occurs in a time period between the words in following scriptures......

Isaiah 9:6 - "For unto us a child is born, son is given, the government shall be upon his shoulder.....The

Isaiah 61:2 - To proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God 

It is the between these words that we as the Saints of God live and operate today. We live in a time where God has/is pouring (to distribute largely, to bestow) out his Spirit upon all flesh.

We live in a great time where the Lord seeks to abide IN US and no just ON US......

Yet it is very challenging time for The emphases is on...The Church

Why emphasize The Church?

1.     They know Jesus

2.     They're called (ekkelissa)

O    To be fruitful (John 15: 1 - 7)

O    To be Holy (1 Peter 1:15 - 16)

O    To be Discipleship (Matt 28:19)

Therefore, we cannot escape the fact that God is expecting more from us that to give him back what he has entrusted us with.....For he returns we must be ready for his return with our work finish......The Apostle Paul informed Timothy...."I have fought a good fight, finish my course, I have kept the faith.....

Paul writes to Timothy with assurance that I am done:

·         Fought a good fight: I have not run from any battles, I have forged through my doubt, despair, persecution and past.

·         Finished my course: I have not swayed, I have maintained my integrity; I have done the work and produced what has been required.

·         I have kept the faith: I have overcome

Now I have a reward waiting for me....that Jesus Christ will give me.

You cannot get the reward from Jesus Christ unless you have met the expectation of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, set up this parable

Matt 24: 45 - 51: Operating in Obedience

Obedience: an act or instance of obeying

God has put servants over each household to feed the members. This suggests to us the local church family with its spiritual leaders. The purpose of spiritual leadership is that the leaders feed the people, not that the people feed the leaders! [2][2]

It is a serious thing to be a pastor or other officer in a local church. We must take care that our motives are right and that we serve Christ and His people in love.

We cannot abandon the foundational truths passed on to us by our is becomes our responsibility as leaders to make the foundational truths relevant for today. 

As a Pastor, local church leaders we are required to obediently proclaim the truth in 2010 and beyond as the Apostles, Earlier church, in every decade.  

V45: Jesus reference those that have been given the work of leading, feeding the household (his body; the church), leaders that are set in the church to lead.

V46 - 47: Called Blessed (if he continues to faithful)

                 God shall give him the ruler ship over all his goods (conditional)

V48 - 51: Evil servants’ attitude (because of environment, expectations)

                 The result is the attack on the people (misdirection)

                 The plan of the Lord (50 -51)

So, as a Pastor, I am expected to place leaders that will not damaged the property of God....You're God's and  what you do and what I do is for God....I don't care where we are in our life cycle...God can and will use us to further his salvation.

Matt 25: 1 - 13: Operating in Wisdom

Wisdom: ability to discern inner qualities and relationships: INSIGHT; good sense: judgment

We see the marriage process of the Jewish tradition....

1.     The bridegroom and his friends would go from his home and claim his bride from her parents.

2.     The bride and the groom would return to the groom's house for the marriage feast.

V6: And at midnight there was a cry made......Behold, the bridegroom cometh........

We cry that today as it has been proclaimed for years but many have disregarded our cry....I have only looked for him by way of the clouds but how many of you know that the Lord has come along and picked flower from his garden....Those that we have confidence in the Word of Lord were prepared and those that were not. Today we must be careful not to fall into a lethargic stay but we must continue enthusiastically, energetically in worship and praise toward God.

In this passage we see that some operated with wisdom:

1.     Oil - for burning; in the lamps symbolic of the illumination of the HOLY GHOST operating in the church

2.     Oil - in their vessel; symbolic of the Word of God in the church

There cannot be complete salvation without the baptism of Water, Spirit, and abiding in Word of God. Many Christians will not enter into Heaven because they have fully committed to all of the God's Word.

V1 - 3: Ten Virgins

             Same place

             Same items

V4 - 6: A different level of priority

            All having the same information and expectation

            But not the same preparation

V7 - 12: The Cry

               The problem (lamps that are going out)-v.8-10

               No Entry or acknowledgment     

V13: Jesus ends this parable in a unique way....Watch (look, be alert, remain conscience, don't get distracted, stay attentive) therefore (because).....You have no idea when the Lord is going to return....But he is requiring us to operate in Wisdom....

Have a sober mind

Have a godly mind

Have a stable mind

Matt. 25: 14 - 30: Operating in Profitability

Now....Jesus shifts.....He focus on the living our lives with wisdom and obedience to bring us to a more powerful example of Prosperity for his people.

Psalm 1: A psalm that should resisenate in our hearts because it has within it things that are important for us not to fall into the trap of complacency.

Draws their attention in by mentioning the kingdom of heaven, mention heaven in a conversation and everyone is going.....Yet Jesus likens it to a man that has: 

1.     Travelling into a far country

2.     Called his servants

3.     Delivered his Goods

What is unique about these three points is.....He calls his own servants......Delivers his goods. 

Look at the Power of the Goodness God through this Parable:

There is a prophetic overtone of his departure; at the same time he shows us that there are lazy people. Who will not embrace the greatness of the responsibility given to them by the Lord Jesus Christ?

The Man...

1.     He has great possessions (something that is dear to him enough that he doesn't even consider his on kin people)

2.     He has found confidence in those who people consider to be least (Servants, yet Jesus take upon himself the position of a servant that he might redeem the great possession of his father)

3.     He shows to those that know him (character, business sense, intellect), how much he loves and trust his servants.

The Servants:

1.     Everyone has a great level of responsibility, because everyone is left with something that is valued by the man.

2.     Everyone has been given responsibility according to the level of their ability.... (Moral power and excellence of soul. 1d the power and influence)...

3.     Trustworthy: having done the things that have made him worthy of trust. (Every leader and saint that God has called has been found trustworthy.

·         God will never give you anything to do without ensuring you have the ability to accomplish it.

·         What God has left in our control, he knows we can do.

Five Talents:

·         He took the five and begin to trade them:

o    Requires confidence in yourself

o    Requires confidence in process

o    Requires a willingness to take risks conservevitely (He did not put everything in the market at the same time.)

o    We cannot be anxious but prayerful in all that we do in the Kingdom of God....Some things are cutting edge (The Samaritan Women.....Women at the Well....What did Jesus say to the disciples "I must need go through".....God's will is relevant today as it was yesterday and will be on tomorrow.

Two Talents:

The servant took the two and gain two...He did what the one with five had.

There was not competition between

There was no envy or malice

We can learn from each other if we are going to be successful soul winners and prosperous saints.

This person appreciated what the master left him with...

One talent:

Digged in the ground and buried it!!!!

V. 19

After a Long time lord returns to reckon (settle)

V. 20 - 24: We see the reward ceremony for those that have faithfully worked with God has given to them......

V. 25 - 27: What we see is the mentally of today.....wanting the Lord to do everything for them.....Not willing to learn from his brothers/sisters (To be successfully in Christ you don't have reinvent the wheel....The foundation stands sure "Jesus Christ the Chief Cornerstone") THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!!!

1. He went to the master with and explanation.....hoping to get a pass...

a. I knew thou art a hard man reaping where thou has not sown, gathering were thou has not strawed

b. I was afraid

c. I hid thy talent

When you look at the response of this servant I believe the second statement is most incriminating....

The response of the master.....

1. Wicked

2. Slothful (backward).....hesitant, fearful

The master said that he could have put the money in the bank and recieved interest. In other words........Do something don't sit here and die....Fight pass the fear....

Fear is the killer of many christians today.....having been told by someone to stop.....don't do....has cause many to miss a blessing and from being a blessing.

What must we do.....Nurture the members......if they are willing to operate in the Spirit of Obedinece and Wisdom they will be Profitable to the Kingdom of God....

Psalm 1

What is the essence of this Psalm......

1. There is no failure in God

2. There is a continuous flow of success for all that will

a. Be obedient

b. Be wise

c. Be committed to live out the Word of God daily

Young or Old there is no reason for any of us to walk any other way than in

1. Victory

2. Spiritual Prosperity

3. Wealth

4. Power

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