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Describing Something That No One Has Ever Seen


How would you describe something that no one has ever before seen?

As most of you are aware, Antarctica has icebergs. If we had no television satellites, how would you describe an iceberg to an individual who had lived for his or her entire life, in say, the Caribbean? What examples would you use?

"Well, there is this amazingly huge ice-cube floating in the water?"

"Well then, why doesn’t it melt?" might be the reply.

"Well it’s too large to melt."

"How can anything be too large to melt?"

Even icebreakers have trouble navigating around the mountainous sized ‘bergs. I thought of that example because this week an icebreaker got into trouble near Antarctica. Unfortunately, some of the scientists on Antarctica rely on that icebreaker to take them out to civilization.

Trying to describe something that no one has ever seen is what John does in Revelation 1:1-20 as he encounters the Heavenly Jesus in all of his glory.

- Rev. Stephen Filyer, April 15, 2007.

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