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Several Sorts of Simple Fools

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LUKE 12:16-23


Scripture Luke 12:16-23


          Have you ever felt foolish? That you did something to make a fool of yourself? Did you ever look at someone and say, "That person is a fool.” We simple Bible believing Christians are seen by the unbelieving world as fools. They scorn and ridicule us in their media. The even sometimes make fun of us to our face. But I am sure they more often do so behind our backs.

But that is as the Scriptures predict.

We were named Christians by the world because they thought it foolish that we should be imitators of Christ.

Acts 11:25-26


Paul makes it clear that the Gospel and those that believe it will be seen as fools by the world.


I Corinthians 1:18; 4:10



            The word FOOL has meant different things in different cultures.

                        It has meant clown

Even today it sometimes is a term of affection depending on the way it is said.

            But if we look at the Word of God we get a very different meaning!

                        Jesus cautioned strongly against calling others “FOOLS”.

                                    Matthew 5:22

Seeing God considers the word so seriously, we can be sure if someone fits God’s description of a fool it is a matter to take very seriously.

God defined categories of fools throughout His Word.

            He called all God-denying Christ rejecters fools!

                        Psalm 14:1; 53:1


He consistently called liars and slanderers fools!

            Proverbs 10:18

He pointed to proud people and called them fools!

            Proverbs 12:15

He said those who will not listen to parental correction are fools!

            Proverbs 15:5

He said that many fools return to their foolishness over and over!

            Proverbs 26:11

We see that God as well as Jesus Christ considers foolishness very seriously!

We find this parable or story here in God’s Word the Bible to share this truth with us.

            Those who are the greatest fools of all!

                        Those who deny God!

Those who leave Him out for their plans both now, in the future and for eternity!


            We can be sure he had some good qualities!

                        Very possibly a good neighbor and a friend of those around him.

            We can be sure God did not call him a fool because he was a farmer!

In God’s Word God seems to have a special affection for those who work the earth and bring forth harvests.

It is clear as well that God did not call him a fool because he was a hard worker!

            God initiated a six day work week in the book of Genesis.

            It is stated in the Bible if you refuse to work you should not eat.

            If you do not provide for your household you are worse than an infidel!

He wasn’t called a fool because he was rich!

            Job was one of the richest men of his time!

Abraham was very rich and was called a friend of God.

What about Solomon?

Perhaps we need to look at the negative qualities to see why this man was a fool in God’s eyes!


This man was clearly a SELF-CENTERED FOOL! Luke 12:17


            This man used the word”I” six times and the word “MY” five times.

            The letter “I” is in the center of the English words SIN and PRIDE!

Victory in our battle against the sin of pride can only come when we fully yield to God!

                        Romans 12:1

We are not to give him our talents this year our family next year and our money the year after that!

            God never settles for less than 100%!

                        If He is not Lord of ALL!

He is not Lord at ALL!

            God describes this fool as one who has totally ignored the very first commandment!


                        Mark 12:30


Do we really take God’s call for total commitment seriously?

                        Matthew 6:33

            It is foolishness for anyone saved or unsaved to place the Savior in second place!

                        Col. 2:2

This man is obviously a SELF-SUFFICIENT FOOL


          He doesn’t once mention God or how God has blessed him!

            He assumes that he was the source of all his blessings!

                        Matthew 5:45

            We owe our very breath and being to God!

                        Acts 17:28


He doesn’t realize God can close His hand of provision at any time!

                        Psalm 145:16

How could this man laid up treasures in heaven rather than being obsessed with gathering riches that would perish?


            Matthew 19:21

Jesus is stressing the need to put Him first in all things! ALL THINGS!

What are you holding back that God wants you to place on the altar of service?





Jesus shows us a SPIRITUALLY STARVED FOOL Luke 12:18-19


          This fool thought that happiness laid in the accumulation of things!

                        Ecc. 5:10

            This man was suffering from spiritual hunger!

                        Many suffer from this problem today!

                                    Just barely making it from day to day!

                                    Never knowing the victory the Lord intended in the lives of His people!

            Unfortunately this has become the norm today!

If we lived the Christian life described in the New Testament would we be seen as strange by the other Christians around us?

If we are not growing spiritually we are suffering from spiritual malnutrition just like this fool!


Jesus is telling us about a SHORT-SIGHTED FOOL Luke 12:21, 31, 32

We can see this rich man spent his life preparing for his few earthly years without any thought for eternity!

            Jesus asked a very important question on this issue!

                        Mark 8:36-37


            What is the worlds answer?

            What is your answer?

            Most importantly!


                        WHAT IS GOD’S ANSWER?



            A short-sighted fool loves his body more than his soul!


            A short-sighted fool cares more for his physical health than his spiritual.


            A short-sighted fool lays up his treasure in the wrong storehouse!



A person’s priorities and purposes can be seen by what he values as treasure and where he places it!


            Matthew 6:19-21


This short-sighted fool depended on tomorrow! Luke 12:19-20


            He thought he could take it with him!


                        But not so! Ecc. 5:15


His greatest mistake was assuming he would have a tomorrow!


            James 4:14


A wise person does not depend on tomorrow but makes the correct preparation today to meet his Maker today!!


            II Corinthians 6:2










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