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Throw your prison uniform on the floor

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One day the prison warden came to me and said, "A representative from the German embassy is here to see you. Get dressed and go down to the gate."

As I walked towards the gate where visitors waited to see prisoners, the lady from the embassy saw me and shouted, "Today I have good news for you! You are being released! The moment you sign this release form you're a free man. YTou'll need to be a little pateient and wait inside the hospital for a few days while arrangements are made to take you to theh airport, but from now on you are a free man!"

I signed the form and returned to the hospital, bubbling with joy. as soon as I reahed my room I took off my prison uniform and threw it on the floor. The guard didn't know about my release and angrily threatened to punish me. I laughted and informed him, "I'm no longer your criminal! I'm free to go!"

I feel so sorry that many Christian live in bondage even though Jesus has signed their release for m with his own blood. when you've been set free, you should act like it!

Source: The Heavenly Man (pgs.338-339), by Brother Yun, Monarch books, copyright 2002.

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