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Muslim evangelists leave Korans on doorknobs

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Some Houston-area residents received a surprise recently, and the discovery "appalled and offended" some.

A resident of the area -- who asked to remain anonymous -- made the discovery. She said she found a white plastic bag hanging on her door, and inside was an English copy of the Koran along with a flyer that read, "Please accept this gift from your Muslim neighbors."

She shares that she resented the gift because typically people of other religions knock on the door to engage her in conversation, and she provides an answer. But she says she finds it ironic that Muslims are taking advantage of religious freedom in America. "If I were to go to their country and leave my Bible, I would be persecuted," she notes.

She adds that many of the people in her area were also offended and a bit scared in light of 9/11 and other terrorist crimes. She collected the unwanted Korans and took them to a safe sight to be handled, hopefully sending a message of respect for the Koran at the same time as sending a message of rejection because of her faith.

According to the Texas resident, the neighborhood is mostly Christian and elderly, sandwiched between Muslim and Jewish neighborhoods.

Source: Charlie ButtsOneNewsNow, 07122008 4:00:00 AM

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