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Devotions Psalm 145

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1. The Greatness of God 1-6

a. He is eternal. He will be praised and blessed forever and ever. 1-2

b. He is unsearchable, meaning deep, wise, mysterious. We can’t work Him out. 3

c. He does mighty acts, wondrous works & awesome acts. Our Creator is powerful. 4-6

d. He is majestic. He rules over the world as King. 5

2. The Goodness of God 7-10

a. God is righteous. He is fair and right in all He does. 7

b. God is good to all His creatures. He helps us and takes care of us. 7

c. God is compassionate and merciful. He is kind to all His creatures. 8-9

d. All creatures and the Lord’s saints will praise and bless His name. 10

3. The Glory of God 11-13

a. His kingdom is glorious. God is Holy & pure. Nothing He does is evil. 11-13

b. His power is absolute. He can do anything. Nothing is impossible to God. 11

c. His kingdom is eternal. It will never end. 13

4. The Grace of God 14-21

a. The Lord helps those who fall. He lifts them up. 14

b. The Lord provides food for all. We all look to Him and their needs are satisfied. 15-16

c. The Lord acts rightly in everything He does. He will never rob men of justice. 17

d. The Lord is gracious to all. He gives us so much and we don’t deserve it. 17

e. The Lord is near to those who call on Him. He hears their cry and saves them. 18-19

f. The Lord preserves those who love Him. But He will destroy the wicked. 20

Psalm ends as it begins with praise for God. Let everyone bless His Holy name. 1-3, 21

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