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The Christian and Money

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Introduction: Systems that promote themselves as a means to get rich can be a grave danger. The root problem is that it is another "gospel" that tries to compete with the one true Gospel.

Theme: Money making schemes and Christianity don't mix.

I. Two Conflicting Teachings (1Tim 6:1-6)

A matter of the mind: To whom will you listen?

    • The teachings of apostles (1Tim 6:1-2)
    • The teaching of heretics (1Tim 6:3-6)

II. Two Conflicting Attitudes (1Tim 6:6-10)

A matter of emotions: With what will you be content?

    • Godliness with contentment is a treasure (1Tim 6:6-8)
    • Discontentment is a trap (1Tim 6:9-10)

III. Two Conflicting Goals (1Tim 6:11-19)

A matter of the will: Who or what will you serve?

    • What to flee (ITim 6:11 and v.17)
    • What to pursue (ITim 6:11-19)

Matthew 6:33

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