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Cup-overflowing Grace from our Shepherd-King

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"Cup-overflowing Grace from our Shepherd-King

Ps. 23: 5. Cup-overflowing

1) what is meant for shep.

2) What is meant for David

3). What it means for children of the king

NT Eqh 3:20, Phil 4: 7, Grace cup running

over. Transforming blackness of suffering. Bitter

as blessing. v 4, dark backdrop.. tatty, with

meals. Hebrew 3 rd Shabbat meal. Ps 23, newhaptyed

svvledge of hands Table. CH spurgeon-baptized

what is context, baptising oil aanoinhy,

1) what is meant for sheep. us Lord as shepherd

        talking about people Ps-7 8:19.

prepare a stable. DID PROVIDE A TABLE. A QUEST IN

OF POVBT. Our Loud shepherds and prepares a

table. Flat-grazing areas. Ps 78: Phillip Keller

a Pastor who was a Shepherd. Isa 25: 6, 90: II,

brescia, Isa 6 5:11, v. false god of fortune or

luck. NBD-an animal skin loyed on the ground,

oriental method feeding on a table, no parasites,

etc. Enemies within the flock, pull ahead, weaker,

in the presence of other enemies Isa 25: 6, 40.11.

anoint head with oil.. medicinal purposes. Head,

anoint (not religious). apply an antidote. Immediate

change in behunin, Lie down in peaceful contentment

cupmnneth over. Ps 23:52 Identify with a osting.

one little eure lamb. Eat, lie in his bosom. Lie

against his bosom. more than animal, like a

family member. John co. the hired hand. Eat

froman stable.

2) what it meant for David Ps 16:51 63: I,

653: 5, 45: 7, 104: is, Proud: 2. God gives

as ahundankent reason to rejoice Wisdom is

personified. Ps 19. Tise fed in the table of Gods

avoid. PRIORITY # I. Not for goats, not here

to cater to. Faithful to teach the whole counsel

of God. Pastor = shepheorepherd, provide. BE

HUNGRY FOR PREACHMO, Other opportunities,

he hemley recognize. cup-refers to salvation.

a telephoned cup. Praise Item. Praise

God for salvation and spiritual blessing

Back of Sheet: Gen 22:14, Judges 6:24, Exo 15:26

Jee 3 3:16, Eyota 48.35, Exo 17:45, her 20: 8

2 Sam 17:28. John Davis-Shepherd observance.

Gracious host 4 provider. many Palestinian shep-

herds, large feasts, not allegorical approaches.

parid ate with his enemies. PS 41: 9, NT

Jesus with Judas. David. absolam. Large

feasts fit for a king, surrounded by enemies.

Ps 23: 5, may be looking back. I Kings 2: 7,

let them be amory thu. who eat at your table.

1 knap 2: 7 honor of lamp table. Hospitality was

huge in that culture. Level of intimacy ifill

to the brim, unusual honor. great pleasure,

communicates pleasure in hosting. Jesus anoint

2 X. expensive oil Lk 7:-44. at simon, Denten

shamans house. anoint head, fragrant oil,

she loves, smuck, self. tightens Pharisee.

David, hord who amounts. Lord is doing

all these things. Ruth, Davids grandma.

Boaz-brought glenn, above and beyond.

overflow in generosity. Ruth 2: In presence

of enemies. Boaz served her. king would

dv dui to show lividness.. 2 Sam 9

ford prepares a table for one. a continual guest.

so mwhpwsheih ate at one of the tables as one

of sons. Lame, regularly killed off long

ago. ages of God, man. A FULL INHERITANEE

Regularly ate the keipe table. Hesser (Hehr).

mercy, and Goodness that follows me. Many

Aug day as a cripple. Given grace-Cup-over

floury grace. shepherd lorry with them. Being

        under His protection, Ps 23: 6-

Itemed D. R. Davis. Rom 5:10. while we were

enemies. Paul-who could have guessed.

WE ARE Meplosheclls. AMAZING GRACE. Matt 15

Woman, mission for lost sheep. mission is for

the lost sheep. a few crumbs from His stable.

all mere enemies of God. as a dead dogs, filthy

rags touches. adopts me, full inheritance.

MAKES Us A SON OF THE KING. Not electric

chain, feast not firing squad, seiner-now

a simzer Ps 176: 5., 8. at the honor seat. Even

n the presence of enemies Ps 11: 5. a future horrible

alan for the arched. 7 or the gospel. Renounce

their sin, resurrection. come in to eat with

him. Greater Son, LAMB of cop. Jesus is our

Passover bank association of cup and sheep.

Drink of the cup. Judas-cup. Garden of

Gethsemane. cup of wrath. Disciple turned

enemy. kiss, false affection. This cup that

the father given C shame, torture, anguish,

punishment, full math of God. prints all the

dregs. No MORE WRATH. our cup is one of


Drank. He emptied himself. amounts. He gries

stoops to serve us, not even worthy. Treats

as an heir. Brought me to table. once

2k 12:32, Ren 3:20. sine you the langston

THOSE WHO REPENT. v 21. Set at throne with

me, at table, Liena up close. unexplainable

SIT WITH ME ON His THRONE a far greater feast.

Wedding supper for the bank. Rev 19: I-9

extreme, cup over-flowing grace.

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