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The Two Sheep Dogs that Pursue Me All of My Life

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The two sheep dogs that pursue me all of my

life. Ps 23: 6 Never stop leaning the words

early years this has blessed. SIMPLE FAITH

OF A CHILD, not just about funerals all life.

These truth not moved on. Joel R. Beeke -

pilgrim. In dungeon of misery. a creed of rectory.

GOD DOES ALL. Possessed experiences. Notably

. soul captivating. May you grow. Foretaste of

forever, LORD To BE YOUR SHEPHERD-If you

are unconverted flame kindled in your heart.

Light of His Spirit. We are standing on holy.

round at his mercy. David Pontoon-The anti-

Psalm. (Opposite). This is what happens when

the. Good shepherd disappears. Good news-

rather than this lie. Glorious A Gracious day.

f. the one who's care, glory we are created for


We are not alone. HE MEANS WHAT HE SAID. Jesus

Get the threat of every evil. Gods goodness

and mercy. He is math one. ALL THAT HE PROMISES

- ILL. come TRUE. c(m, and conclusion.

Mephibosheth home, but goodness and mercy.

didn't do anything. maybe the master give begging

crumbs, at the feet of Jesus. as low as possible.

he kisses His feet, not even mostly do that. these

b. relieves people faith is not. Poor IN SPIRIT.

        Theirs, and theirs alone is the KINGDOM.

OF HEAVEN. If He is not Lord. as a dumb,

dependent sheep. 'If not come to that. Remain

unsaved, BE SAVER! still master and captain.

If not to end of yourself. Plead with Christ wit

all your heart. abundant mercy. Never lack

again. SHALL NOT WANT. Shall not lack Gods

righteousness. Replenishment-Gods Goodness

and mercy follow (passive in English). almost

always Hebrew (Pursue, Active.) e.g. soldiers

pursuing-chase, hurt like an animal, all energy

and exertion. GOD's ALMIGHTY Goodness and

mercy. infallible Shepherd will chase. Heavens

hounds will hurt us down. 2 Sheep dogs sees

is home. Dogs with dogs heeling a • shape.

saw shepherd. driving the sheep. Just a hired

hand. Lead off to the slaughter. shepherd

leads. Jim Rosscup. on the sheepfold.


goes before, beneath, within. Lord transcends

this analogy. CHP units with canine units.

comfort and security. officer Goodness and office

mercy. Lead of the kings Caravan. 2 special

service agents. shall not have 2 guardian

angels. Goodness AND Merck. The Athletes of

sod Himself. Twin Graces. Analogy. Relentless

unseat Great confidence. surely, all. GOODNESS

OF THE LORD. They will follow motif, but

well, not motley. David gone astray. Who am I

to think? Ps 11 9: 16.-God you need to pursue

e. Future goodness and meat. amazes, Grace

Grace save me, and bring me home. Grace

produced works-@ 3)

1) cords Goodness, mercy, house.

1). dads Goodness-We don't have goodness. Ps. 14:2

Mark 10-No. Ps 22:13, Ps, 25: 7, David met in


who makes us more like chest. clarifies the source

of our ability PS 16: 2, Not from me. Rom 8.28

now ovations. a new righteousness imputed

t /-moths unorthodox understands of

salvation. The good shepherd. Ps 23.6.. Gods

goodness follows me. all they work together Ps 119: 2

it is good that I have been afflicted. sheepdog

goodness & May.

2) Lords merry. second aspect. other reattribute

of up to my meat.-want happen. 2 Sam 9.

Get that message. such a beautiful message.

may and loving-kindness showed A Mephibosheth

sat at the King's table. Abundant mercy. mercy

(loving-kindness, love based on a covenant commit-


one who is ultimately be merciful may-son

of  David Matt 9:27 (Have mercy Matt 15:21

Matt 20:11, have many. son of David, M/c

10:47, Jesus, Son of David. all cases

son of p arid had mercy, That is how we

are. Ps. 257, 11,-not according to me. Revealed

        Exo. 33:18, Show me your glory. dwelt

make my goodness pass by you. Exo 34: S, Passed

by. merciful and gracious abundant in goodness. Forget

iniquity and sin Ps. 31:16, Ps 44:26, Ps. 69:10,

abundant mercy., Ps. 109:21-Ps. 100:5, Ps. 106,

Ps. 107: 1, 29, 136-His mercy endures forever.

3) House of the Lord: OT language. Tabernacle,

Temple. forever-length of days. Does not suggest.

welcome and feasting. Beyond. I well dwell-

alum, restore. Be forever. communion with the

had. Never used Ps. 27: 4-worship at the

David wanted to build the temple, but He didn't

. Solomon. one of the longings. Is it my desire to

be with Gobs people all the time. with the Lord

forever. we have the full revelation of God. we can't

help but look back. Bring them to Himself.

Joel Beebe. No trouble of soul. child of God. In

deaths' loony valley. Forsaken, clients' Journey.

He trod this valley alone. eminently-The

Good shepherd has gone that path. never

deserving. Endured-eternally incomprehensible


Genes again. Everything we need. a righteousness

a d justification, a seal never annulated, a

portion, never fathomed, action, never

a vector never vanquish

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