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A Declaration of Dependence

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        "A Declaration of Dependence 7/4/10

on God's Direction and Correction Ps. 23.4 b"

3 weeks before Continental Congress. Dependence

on God' s Dependence and Correction. Lord is my

shepherd. Lord. David is a sheep, utterly

dependent, defenseless, dumb, easily deceived,

disagreeable. HUMBLY, MEEKLY ACCEPT.

Entering the Dark Valley-Rod (club),

staff round up the Sheep. David has nothing

to fear. same faith, and Lord of David.

Renounce reliance on anything other than our Lord,

Wadi Kelt. valley 4 1/2 miles long, floor, gullies

salt rock, sheep can't turn around. 8 foot

gully, make crossing rounded crook, grab by the

hoofs. Predators in the valley. FEAR No EVIL.

Their master is there to comfort them.

1) Dependent on God' s Rod

2) Dependent on God' s staff

3) Dependent on God' s comfort

1) what is the rod? 3 major things Protector,

correction, inspection. Enemies outside, inside,

                on the sheep to harm. Rod-a cut

Rod: correction, shorter implement. a shorter stick

or club. Micah 5 Good depiction. Paul with

Rod, Micah 7:14. Rod of Inheritance. First Samuel 17

lion and a bear. Psalm 23 a far greater shepherd,

for greater nod. Rod, thrown with accuracy.

Sling shot.

2) correction, discipline Job 27:13. physical

discipline 2 Samuel 7:14. a father to him, correct

with the rod. Lear lesson Hah 3:13 Not very

fun. Parental discipline, loving, spanking.

Proverbs 13: 24, 22:15, 23:13. Loving parental

discipline 29: Is reproof. Rod & reproof. brings

shame. what the child wants-Train them up in

the way that they should go.

3) Inspection Ezekiel 20, subject to careful and

all well. counts them, 99 bring back lost.

Time to time, open the fleece. all is well.

comfort A the sheep. Bring healing. Examine ourselves.

submit ourselves to welcome the process. No pulling the

wool over our eyes. Welcome this process Does

it in concern for our souls. BE COMFORTED

Ezekiel 24: 67. Into sheepfold and dependence.

covenant keeping. INTENDED FOR US. Need for

the shepherd. staff-support, lean upon. staff

Moses-Staff-implement A Pharaoh, snake,

Plagues, Red sea, staff of Moses. staff,

Lord and His power Reassure. Tap upon the rocks.

Support.-Lean FULLY upon-Hebrew word. safety,

crook. Rescue sheep. Psalm 23: 2. Feel presence. The

right paths. Psalm 18:18. Lord was my support.

Drew me out of deep waters. Lord was my support

ones comfort

4) Comfort. In God alone HE IS THE ANSWER.

They comfort me, Even when we go through difficult


situation. The one who holds the rod & staff

Genesis 49. Rod. shall not depart Numbers 17.

Greater shepherd. Revelation 2 Rod of Iron. Sovereign

good. Follow Him, John 10, He goes

ahead of them. Psalm 23, beaten by rods, fumbled

The lamb of God, for undeserving Sheep. Experienced

greatest darkness,-so WE CAN EXPERIENCE LIFE.

Nail prints, He went through this valley alone,

and forsaken, so we wouldn't have to. The only


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