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July 4th Freedom

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July 4th, 2010

Independence Day


Thomas Jefferson prepared the Declaration of Independence in June 1776 and with a group of people to declare independence from the rule of King George of England. They knew that it was not a easy task to get freedom, and they knew it costs so many lives.

Now we are enjoying the freedom and celebrating 234th Birthday of United States of America. Today, our freedom is from all things except sin and devil. We got the freedom but we became slaves of Satan and our self-centeredness.

Where we got the freedom?

In fact, we forgot where we got this freedom. Freedom does not mean that we should do whatever we want to, but the freedom has limitations. Our ancestors built this nation in a vision of real freedom to enjoy under one God and one nation. They knew that God gave us this freedom to choose our own way of life, but we choose not to follow God but follow Satan. We forgot God who gave us freedom as the Old Testament Israel had forgotten God and worshipped the ideals of native land.

Where we are now?

We lost our focus, we lost our dignity, and we lost our hope in God. Therefore, we lost all and became slaves of fear, slaves of money, and slaves of our own sinful nature. Because we last our hope in God, we are cursed and loosing all blessings of our God who gave us this liberty.

Where we can get the real freedom?

Buddha wanted to get real freedom from sorrows of human beings, but finally he was enlighten and find out that we can not have freedom from our sorrows but live with that. No one in this world gives us real freedom except Christ Himself, because He is the only one who lived perfect life and who paid penalty for our sins. He gives us freedom not only from our sinful behavior but also from the Satan who made us slaves. By His death on the Cross He is able to give us real freedom that no one can take away from us. Amen

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