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Samuel a devoted Son Ch 3 1-

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A.     His call from the Lord -vv. 1–10

  Samuel was about twelve years old at this time.

  He grew up in the presence of the Lord.

  He learned to serve in His tabernacle . . . like many of our children.

  He did not have a personal experience with the Lord (v. 7).

  How important it is for those who are raised in Christian homes to make their own personal decisions for Christ.

  Samuel was sleeping and the Lord called him.

  He first thought was that blind Eli needed his help, so he ran to him. (Urgency)

  See how quick this boy was to obey when called. (How fast do our children reply?)

  Verse 10 “Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.”

  Samuel became a great man of prayer.

B.     His message from the Lord -vv. 11–14

  The person who surrenders to the Lord

  And is willing to listen will always learn God’s will.

  Eli disobeyed the Lord and put his family first.

  God could not speak directly to him.

  It was a message of judgment on Eli’s house

  Samuel was probably saddened by this news.

  Samuel loved Eli.

  Samuel learned much from him.

  Samuel knew he must be true to the Lord in spite of his personal desires.

C.           His message to Eli –vv. 15–21

  Samuel continued doing his daily tasks the next morning. (good habits)

  He did not “parade” himself before the people (was not proud)

  Those who honor the Lord will also honor their elders.

  Eli asked him to tell him all; so he did.

  We do not admire Eli’s failure with his own family

  This event was a turning point in history.

  Everyone knew that Samuel was God’s prophet and that the Lord was with him.

  The Lord was now able to appear once again

  Because there was a servant whom He could trust. (Can God trust you?)

  God would do more for His people today if He could find devoted believers willing to be His servants. (God honors service)

Practical lessons are found in these chapters

1. Never underestimate the power of sin in a family.

  Eli’s sons needed discipline

  But he pampered them instead.

  This cost him his life,

  And eventually cost the family the priesthood.

2. Never underestimate the power of prayer in a home.

  Hannah and Elkanah were people of prayer, and God answered their prayers.

  We are blessed today because of the dedication of Hannah.

  Through her, God gave the world Samuel

  He was the last of the judges.

  The first of the national prophets.

3. God speaks to children and young people

  Adults should make it easy for them to hear God’s voice and respond in faith.

  How wise Eli was to know that God was calling young Samuel.

  The training of children in spiritual things is a great responsibility that we must not neglect.

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