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Hannah Gives us a Song

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Hannah Gives us a Song

1st Samuel 2-1-10

Intro: In this remarkable prayer, Hannah praises the Lord.

I.          Hannah exalts the Lord (1)

  • Joy in the Lord brings satisfaction
  • Horn” speaks of strength 
  • Strength comes from God
  • Power comes from prayer
  • Hannah was rejoicing that God gave her a son
  • Hannah was victorious
  • Hannah rejoiced in her salvation.
  • We have been saved/.
  • Our sins have been forgiven! John 5:24
  • Jesus paid our sin debt on the cross of Calvary.
  • 1 John 3:2
  • Salvation is of the Lord” – Jonah 2:9
  • Salvation is by Gods Grace
  • God loves us!

II. Hannah’s explanation of who god was to her (2-8)

  • God is Holy -2

The Lord is spoken of as a “rock” in the OT

  • Jesus is the chief corner stone (1 Pet. 2:6); Matthew 16:18 
  • There is no Rock like our God.
  • There is only one God -2
  • God is our strength – 2
  • When we pray we need to recognize our weakness and our inabilities.
  • Why doesn’t God hear prayer?”
  • We must pray in according to His will.
  • God knows everything – 3
  • God discerns our motives– 3
  • God gives life.Job. 1:21
  • This is GODS universe
  • We are His Creation
  • God makes no mistakes!
  • Man, by his own effort, can never accomplish anything for God.
  • Christians need to recognize that fact.
  • We need to learn from God
  • We need to depend on God
  • We need to Rest in God

III. Hannah’s hope from the lord (10)This is one of the great verses of Scripture

  • The first one to use the name Messiah
  • The word anointed is the Hebrew word Messiah.
  • It is translated Christ in English.
  • It is the title of the Lord Jesus.
  • God is getting ready to set up a kingdom in Israel. Why?
  • God is going to appoint them a king.

In Closing, I have a few questions this morning?

1. Do we praise the Lord?

2. Do we recognize that God is Holy?

3. Do we know that God is everywhere?

4. Also realize, that God knows everything about us this morning.

5. God knows your heart this morning.

6. God knows what you have been going though.

Gods Inviatation to you:

- God wants you to trust His Son as your savior

- God will forgive your sins!

- God wants to give you peace in your soul

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