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Stars just lights?

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Circling above your head, constantly are things like you’ve just seen. Unbelievable sights at unfathomable distances just waiting to be grasped. Joshua Harris says,

“I knew a girl who used to think the stars were tiny specks of light just over her head. I'm not kidding. And she wasn't in grade school when she believed this. She was in college. She was a really sweet, kind, redhead who spoke almost perfect Spanish. She was intelligent in many ways. But one day in a conversation she mentioned that she had just learned that stars in the night sky were actually really far away. I asked her what she meant. She said, "You know, they're not just right up there. They're not just tiny dots. They're really far away."

Joshua was dumbfounded. He asked her

"What did you think they were before?"

"I thought they were, you know, just right up above us." (I suppose like Christmas tree lights poked through a black cloth)

He went on to say that it is important that we understand who God really is just as it is worth knowing that stars are not tiny pinpricks of light just above our heads. When we know the truth about God, it fills you with wonder. If, however, you fail to understand his true character, you'll never be amazed by him. You'll never feel small as you stare up at him. You'll never worship him as you ought. You'll never run to him for refuge or realize the great love he's shown in the measureless distance he bridged to rescue us. When you really glimpse who God is, it motivates you to be like Him.

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