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Snakes for Pets?

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SelHis neighbor found him lying in a pool of blood. He was 19-year old Grant Williams. The pool of blood wasn’t the most disturbing part of the picture however, for coiled around Mr. Williams was a snake . . . a 13 foot long Burmese Python to be exact. They said the snake mistook Grant Williams for food . . . Ya think??

He had purchased the snake at a local pet store for $300 and for five months everything was fine. Maybe at first having a snake of that size around was a little intimidating. But Grant was faithful to feed the snake and, I’m sure, after a few weeks thought that everything was under control. But Grant made a careless error. You see, you’re always supposed to keep animals of prey in their cages when you feed them. Otherwise, they may go into a “feeding frenzy.” The smell of their food sets them off and if that food is close to someone else, they may mistake that person for their food. They think that’s what happened to Grant. He was evidently getting ready to feed the snake, so he let him out of the cage. The live chicken he had brought in to feed the python was in the same room. The snake smelled the chicken and attacked Grant.

You want to know the most bizarre part of this story? The article that I read reporting this went on to “recommend” that “owners of large snakes should feed them only in their enclosures or cages. Under no circumstances should such snakes be fed in an open or in a unrestrained manner.” Hello! Hey how about this? How about we just don’t have snakes for pets?

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