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The Cities of Refuge

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The Cities of Refuge

Text: Joshua 20:1-9


·         We study the Bible to glorify God and not man.

·         Here in our story about people who are treated unjustly.

·         These six cities were real cities. (3) On each side of the Jordan River.

·         This morning let’s look at five pictures of salvation.

I.                   Principle of Urgency (vs.3)

·         It is time to work now when we have time

·         Some people say I am not ready to get saved

·         I have my whole life , I will get saved later

·         Or, my job, career, family is more important than getting saved.

·         No one is promised a tomorrow, Receive Christ this morning.

·         James 4:14 (what is your life…)

II.               Principle of Mercy (vs. 4)

·         God is a merciful God.

·         We come to God; God gives us mercy.

·         Those who do not believe the gospel are under God’s condemnation (John 3:36)

·         Matthew 11:28

III.            Principle of Separation (vs. 6)

·         God has given us a new life

·         God has given us New friends and associations

·         God has given us a new song in our mouth

·         God has given us a new way of thinking

·         God has given us new desires

·         He lives in our hearts

·         God has given us a new relationships

·         Our lives need to make a difference

·         Workers must see Christ in us.

·         Family members need to see we are different.

IV.             Principle of Judgment (vs. 6)

·         All will give on account to God for their loves.

·         Christians will stand before the Bema.

·         Read revelation 20

·         Here we find a [Great White Thrown] judged according to work

·         God is a righteous God, God judges fairly, God is just.

·         Jesus paid our sin debt on Calvary

·         God has declared us righteous

·         The soul that sinneth shall die ( Romans 3 :10. 5:8, 6:23)

·         We have an appointment to die one day (Hebrews 9:27)

·         KEY:  What will you do today?

V.                The Principle of Freedom (vs. 6)

·         Salvation makes you free

·         He draws us to salvation

·         Freedom only comes from Christ.

·         The truth will set you free

Q.   Are you free? 

Or are you enslaved by your sin?

When you trust Christ as Savior, you are forgiven immediately. In this story of the cities of Refuge we find God is Fair. There is a law of sowing and reaping (Galatians 6:7-8)


God, may we live our life realizing Jesus could return today. Thank you for your mercy. Lord may we rest in you, may we cast our fears, burdens, and heartaches on you. May we be merciful to those who try to hurt us.  Please help is to be different in our daily walks as Christians. Thank you Heavenly Father for salvation.

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