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John Ortberg writes that Max Depree was the CEO of Herman Miller, a Fortune 500 company. He is also on the board of Fuller Seminary and a speaker on leadership. At one of his leadership seminars, somebody asked him what the most difficult thing was that he personally had to work on. His response? “It’s the interception of entropy.”

Entropy is a term from physics that has something to do with the second law of thermodynamics and the availability of energy. It speaks to the fact that the universe is winding down. It's the idea that everything that is left to itself has a tendency to deteriorate.

Entropy. It's not only one of the great enemies of the universe; it's one of the great enemies of the human spirit. A person becomes apathetic or complacent or settles for the path of least resistance in some area of life. Dreams die and hopes fade. A terrible thing happens: a person learns they can live with mediocrity.

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