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The same old guy gets pulled over for DUI. When he gets to court the arresting officer testifies that the defendant, when asked to produce his car registration, had fumbled around endlessly in the glove compartment. Well, he’d hired a good lawyer, and the lawyer, wanting to earn his money (go figure) thought he’d found an opening. So he began to question the officer.

“It was dark, in that car, was it not?” asked the lawyer.

“Yes,” said the policeman.

“And the glove compartment, it was cluttered, was it not?”

“Yes,” came the reply

“And approximately how long did he fumble around there?”

“Well, Maybe five minutes,” responded the officer.

“Well,” continued the attorney, “do you find it unusual that a man would take his time looking in a dark and cluttered glove compartment for a small piece of paper?”

“Well, actually, Yes, I do” replied the officer.

“Why is that?”Asked the attorney. “It was dark, the glove compartment was cluttered. Anyone would have taken a long time to find their registration.”

“Well, I’d agree with you except for one thing,” the officer said.

“And just what might that ‘one thing’ be, sir?” replied the lawyer with obvious sarcasm.

“Well, sir, he wasn’t sitting in his car, he was sitting in my patrol car at the time.”

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