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Ant Bait

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Recognize this? That’s right, it’s a fire ant. These little buggers are potent! They can light you up. In fact, 12 Americans die of fire ant attacks each year. That’s because before they start to sting you there may be hundreds of them on you before you even know it. So much venom can cause an allergic reaction that can bring death in highly allergic people.

How do you get rid of them? Well they call it “ant bait” or “ant food.” It’s a small yellow pellet that the ants think is food, but which is really poison. They take it back to their queen, she eats, and the whole colony dies.

Why am I talking to you about ants? Because it provides a picture of how Satan uses our minds against us. He entices our thinking with things that look like fun. Pornographic images flash before us and we want to partake; angry thoughts about our parents flit across the screens of our mind and we want to play out the scenario suggested to us; suicidal thoughts enter our thinking during our down times and we hear the enemy enticing us to dwell on them. These are not “ant bait” they are “thought bait.” They are the preoccupations of undisciplined thinkers. Peter says to our minds, “On your feet! Roll up the sleeves of your mind! Take control of your thinking!”

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