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In the Arms of Jesus

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John 14:1 - Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

Main Idea:

Jesus commands us to rest because true comforts lies in His arms.


My purpose is to show the implications of trusting God in a time of a tradegy.


In the early 1980, there was a song titled, "Don't Worry Be Happy". It made it to the top of the billboard Chart. A simple song with a powerful message. However, that song did not set well with many folk because as time past, folk realize they did not know why they ought to be happy and not worry.

The hearts of the disciples were filled with a medley of emotions.

They were sad because of the gloomy prospect of Christ’s departure;

They were perplexed because of the prediction that one of their own number would betray the Master

They were wavering in their faith, probably thinking:

In the midst of a medley of emotions, Jesus says, "Let not your heart be troubled'

In this connection there is an interesting superficial resemblance between Christianity and Epicureanism. The latter also stressed the necessity of remaining calm and untroubled in all circumstances of life. And yet, upon a closer view, the difference between Christianity and Epicureanism, as brought out strikingly in John 14, is great. The reasoning of Epicureanism and of its present-day equivalents is this: “Do not be disturbed, for the gods, if they exist at all, do not take notice of you.” — On the contrary, the teaching of Jesus is this: “Do not be disturbed, for the God whom you trust does take notice of you.

Christ — furnishes the only adequate grounds for the exhortation of 14:1, 27.

Continue to trust in God, also in me continue to trust.


I. He becomes whatever we need - His Provision

                    • A. Here are some examples
                                • a. When Abraham needed a ram He revealed Himself as Jehovah-jireh
                                • b.
                    • B. Here are some applications
                                • a. He becomes a shephard to guide us. Psalms 23
                                • b. He becomes a friend to talk with us. Proverbs

II. He does whatever it takes - His Power

                      • 1. Here are some examples
                                • a. When the disciples were on the boat and the wind blew and the storm was raging, Jesus woke up and said "Peace be still."
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