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        What Motivates the bond to save, sustain

Shepherd Me Ps. 23.}. 1/E-it is a high view of

God. causative verbs.-head-heads effectually,

sheep dort on their own, stupid sheep. Hambly yield

or all the credit. Inedible lone. ALL THE WAY.

2 Questions. 1 what does the shepherd dafoe His

Sheep is @ Why does He do it.

Paths-tails. Well worn tracks. clearly defined

as safe spiritually.-NOT A Fast OR SMOOTH RIDE.

shepherd is restoring soul. Not the broad road,

not our own way, going lashay. America-

Do it your own Isa 53., Rom 3. The shepherd

Shepherd must seek m. Ps 119. I have gone astray.

SEEK 904 R SERVANT. That is what we should

may 1 Pet 23.5. "Returned to the speepled.

restore (Return-Brings 1 camp as both. Our

pad is A go astray. shepherd-carry him

o get to his a. tdednahm. cast down-over on its

had. Douglas Mcmilliam. 2 thnp pursuit of

comfort. stich in sight. Greater. Sheep have

3 different stomachs. chiselers who pursue wfot

Christ well do the same for His sheep. Long

Were. Extra weight. shear the sheep. painful

Doing it from good. extra fluff. ourselves to

astray ourselves. Bmip had to himself. sometimes

wy make us lie down. Look To His PURPOSE.

el othut we really need. we have a different perspedm

aids comfort. Protective, Preventive, Pursuing

race-Goodness a mercy. Phillip keller. country,

all up on this feet. Predators, cougars, wolves.

whole problem nery serious. constantly keeping

trenh. Buzzards. count floch. Turned over. Looby

lor a single sheep. Lying upside down. a mingled

sense of fear. tenderly roll over on side. Left

her up. Hold her upright. sheep, repeat the

process. When are you going to learn. Tenderness

and rebuke. The Lord restores my soul. cast down-

as 42. Why are you cast down. -> HOPE IN GOD.

Lamentations 16. as a comforter. Forget, hfe.

Par 25.13, Ps 19.7, all comrey I Kemp 17. as

        prop over dead son. Revered.

Rebury lost lamb to the mother. Prodigal son

lost 9 found senner, commend himself. 3 gospel.

pictures. spuhmd dead Pharisees Labels: 4

This picture of the Lord Images. Wasn't the cross.

shepherd holdy sheep. First soo yrs ltd soo AD

a perdue of our Loud as Shepherd-Father running to son.

host, now found. Ezeh Lost sheep. why does the

do this'? unthankful. angry. Why so patient?

2) what motivates more fundamental? lf I keep

rendering off. WE are prone to wonder. He comes to

me Ezel 3 9:11. why doegg the shepherd do all these

7- or His names sahe. NOT A Bout as. Duotone is mt me

FOR HIS NAME SAKE Egel 3 6:18. poured out

wrath on them, according to thu. But v. 21. But

I had concern for my Holy Name. Great name.

I am the hord. ozhk 36:-Give you a

new heart. saying these rio sinful Israel. I" I"

I" I".... This is what the hord is doing. Not

For your sahe. Egel 20: 9, 13, 17, 21.22-Has

our name. v 44. Ps 106: 6-8. about He's glory. Pray

m present. To give thanks save m, dehrer us.

VERY GOOD NEWS. we couldn't get ourselves saved.

something higher thanas drives God Has naone is

worthy. He cannot deny His NAME. His greatness

character Ps 143.. 11, Ps 109.21. a whole dooley.

Please be gracious to me Ps 25: 11, P's 3 1.93.

FOR HIS NAMES SAKE. Journal of a 1 syr old 1850

keep me low. Who & flom. More u/6-s/3/1850.

Mrm-antimony to come back

to God. 7 oyen to death. (like tanks) chuang

entries. Has ups & downs. ups 4 dorms, stay in

the word. Ps 19. s/15-1850. Restore your

wandering sheep. Free Grace. same truck agan.

free Grace, foreign lone. 6/4/1850. Forgive me.

one strength. me. C. hint one, forgive him.

Interpersonal proteins vanish. c H Spurgeon.

and blessed Hhim. as a needy sheep.

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