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He heads me Beside Quiel Waters to Rest

and Restore my soul. PS 23: 2-3. Reference to

Pilgrims Progress.. Bunyan. 71 is shepherd

and gave rest to his soul. King David

may have not wrote in a pastime. could have

been in a dark part of his life. Give us to rest

m soul. 1) 2 Things shall have Rest

8 spiritual restoration. What ths would here

want. Rain water, feeding through-wells-a

rater ahem. sheep / Shepherds 400 x Gen 4-

through the bible. sees Rachael. F-other gives

way. Laban . Jacob 20 yrs-shepherd.

Joseph got thrown into a well. may different

ample. Muses at a well. Watering foods

Gen 48.15 God (My shepherd)-bray het bless

my boys. Joseph-The Lord has been my

upland. Moses-fleeing meet a relationship

Pattern of coming . Moses. spent many years as

shepherd before God called him to a role

8 lead out Israel. Exo.15 3days w/o water.

lead to springs of life-(Elam). Language

leading. Same had. WHO Is MY SHEPHERD. sprigs

z streams. an idealic picture. Ezek 34:  I will

ad them. By the streams (similiar language)

rater of Restfulness-still waters (waters of rest)

7mm-Great restfulness. ref Jesus-waters

he still. Command Peace. BE STICC AND KNOW

I AM GOD. Be still my soul. Point: Perfectly

        stele, not stagnant. a gentle spring

in shepherd notices those thugs. sheep down at the

water. Reassuring presence of the herd. head-

(a powerful but caring person). needy person.

compassion Isa 99: 10. He who has compassion

on. Guide them. Jeremiah 31. Walk by

beams of waters. over young. a water garden.

NEVER CAN 601511 AGAIN. Those may come bottom

m rest. come all me all who are weary f heavy

laden- GIVE REST. Ps 63: VI. In the desert

NO WATER.  Dehydrated. Thirst for and buy for

Sort will BE SATISFIED. PS 143: 6. Soul

tests like Ps 42 some parts. shirts. THIS


Isa 55 come to the waters. Listen to me. come

he. seek the Lord. He will have compassion

n him.. John 7:37. If anyone is thirsty

low rivers. same Lord, Good shepherd. Come

ten Quench our thirst.. Don't long for anything

G. CALL FOR SALVATI on. Augustine-Restless

until rest in God. Not found in any earthly

- substitutes. hike triage, like a phantom.

drink, believe in me MATT 5. Christ is gentle

a heart. sinful man left Isa 8: 6-These

people, her. 2:13 Forsaken me. Broken

items. God is the fountain of living waters

Why settle for so much rest. Leave you empty.

how magnificent mountain streams. Or as a sheep led.

Drink in muddy pools. manure and urine. on the

oz to a beautiful stream-C s Lewis and His

mudpies. spiritual footmen Eyed 3 4:13. John 4

Gospels begin with water. Repent and be baptized

Samarian city of Scion. Jacobi well. Jesus was

sitting at the well-Thirsty, human frailty. Never

need to thrust again. Samaritan woman. If you

knew the gift. Living water. you are not greater

than Jacob Everyone who drinks Shall never

thirst. a Well springing up to eternal life Jesus

. thingy up her sin v 17-. woman at the well

Truly. v 39-. She understands. Makes point

told him. we know this one is the Savior of the

vowed. Jesus 4. Revelation 7:-16. Illustration.

'they will no longer thirst. see their shepherd.

cod will wipe away. Rev. 22: A river of the

ii. of life Rev. 22:12- I am the alpha

the Omega. Tree of life. outside are the

inched. For the churches Spirit and the Brede.

v.. can't pay for it. a gift I am giving. add

6 the word (scary) God will take away.

Yes, I am coming equally. ARE You READY?

Because of the. the inch man in hell. Just

one drop. add to the gospel any repent.

through Christ. LAKE of FIRE. Jesus well

one. 6 race will. waters of salvation. Trusty

Jesus as their only hope. whoever wishes com

7 times giver of Grace clearing all

sufficed. contumely lead you. Shall not

lack.v 3-He restores my soul. Return, to

        revive. 3 applications.

1) as His sheep. PORSVE CHRIST (w/f/s WORD.

Ps 19: 13-. Restores the soul. Read, plead with dust

2) Pray. Restart B-19, 3-7, u-s, 30-. 7mm away

bran vanity-Revere me. Ps 119

03 Preach TRUTH To YOURSELF Ps 42 Hope

in God Saul cast down. I REMEMBER You. PI

Ps. 42:11, Ps 73:26  Flesh & heart failing. Immediately

But God is my portion of FUTURE GRACE (B/c).

will oust God. He is my portion. Daniel: Needed

o be led. God has given us examples. Satan lies.

all night, more gloom & despondency. His word

does revive. Go p DOES 5 How PS 30: 5., The

Psalmist is arguing. I WILL praise It in. Through

those dark valleys. we need to keep preaching to ourselves.

Telling, Good, noble, soul drift. 0 MY soul.

It is well with my soul.

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