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He heads me Beside Quiel Waters to Rest

and Restore my soul. PS 23: 2-3. Reference to

Pilgrims Progress.. Bunyan. 71 is shepherd

and gave rest to his soul. Kinaj David

may have not wrote in a pastime. could have

been in a dark part of his life. Gire us to rest

m soul. 1) 2 Things shall hach Rest

8 spiritual restoration. What dhii would here

want. Rain water, feeding throughs-wells-a

rater ahem. sheep / Shepherds 400 x Gen 4-

through the bible. sees Rachael. F-other gives

way. huban. Jacob 20 yrs-shepherd.

Joseph got thrown into a well. may different

ample. Muses at a well. Watering foods

Gen 48.15 God (My shepherd)-bray het bless

my boys. Joseph-The Lord has been my

upland. Moses-fleeing meet a relationship

Pattern of conmy. Moses. spent snay years as

shepherd before God called him to a role

8 lead out Israel. Exo Is 3 days mo water.

lead to springs of Ivalee-(clam). Language

cearley. Same had. WHO Is MY SHEPHERD. sprigs

z streams. an sideahc pinkie. syck 34: I well

ad them. By the streams (aimlla language)

rater of Restfulness-stell waters (waters of rest)

7mm-Great restfulness. ref Jesus-waters

he still. Command Peace. BE STICC AND KNOW

i. an 6 on. Be stell my soul. Point: Perfectly

        stele, not stagnant. a gentle spring

in sheperd notices those thugs. sheep down at the

water. Reassuring presence of the hord. head-

(a powerful but caring person). needy person.

compassion Isa 99: 10. He who has compassion

on thu. Guide them. Jeremiah 31. Walk by

beams of waters. over young. a water garden.

NEVER CAN 601511 AGAIN. Those mhao come bottom

m rest. come all me all who are weary f heavy

ohr GIVE REST. Ps 63: VI. In the desert

• • it is R. Dehydrated. Thirst for and buy for

Sort will BE SATISFIED. PS 143: 6. Soul

tests like Ps 42 some parts. shirts. THIS


T-i-s come to the waters. Listen to me. come

he. seek the Lord. He will have compassion

n him.. John 7:37. If anyone isdhiishy

low rivers. same hord, gm shepherd Come

ten Quench our thirst.. Pont long for aztby

G. CALL FOR SALVATI on. augustine-Restless

mtl rest in God. Not found in any earthly

- substitutes. hike triage, like a phantom.

mh, believe in me M s IT s. chest is gentle

a heart. sinful man left Isa 8: 6-These

ueople, her. 2:13 Forsaken me. Broken

items. God is the fountain of living waters

ry settle for so much rest. Leave you empty.

how igmfiueb mountain streams or as shep led.

nh in muddy pools. Mr amore 4 mine. on the

oz to a beautiful stream-C s Lewis and His

mndpies. spiritual footmen Eyed 3 4:13. John 4

Gospels begin with water. Repent and be baptised

Samarian city of Scion. Jacobi well. Jesus was

sittig out the well-Thirsty, human frailty. Never

need to thrust again. Samaritan woman. If you

now the grife. Living water. you are not greater

hon Jacot Everyone who drink. Shall never

thirst. a Well springing up to Wanat life Jesus

. thingy up her sin v 17-. woman at the well

Truly. v 39-. She understands. Makes point

told him. we know this one is the sanor of the

vowed. Jesus 4. Revelation 7:-16. Illustration.

'they will no longer thirst. see their shepherd.

cod will wipe away. Rerv 22: a iv. of the

ii. of life Ren 22:12-I am the alpha

the Omega. Tree of life. outside are the

inched. For the churches Spirit and the Brede.

v.. can't pay for it. a gift Dam ginny. add

6 the word (scary) God will take away.

Yes, I am coming equally. ARE You READY?

Because of the. the inch man in hell. Just

one drop. add to the gospel any repent.

brough Chest. LAKE of FIRE. Jesus well

one. 6 race will. waters of salvation. Trusty

chasm as dien only hope. whoever wishes com

1 times in the immen of 6 race. clearing all

sufficed. contumely lead you. Shall not

lach. v 3-He restores my soul. Return, to

        revive. 3 applications.

1) as His sheep. PORSVE CHRIST (w/f/s WORD.

Ps 19: 13-. Restores the soul. Read, plead with dust

2) Pray. Restart B-19, 3-7, u-s, 30-. 7mm away

bran vanity-Revere me. Ps 119

03 Preach TRUTH To YOUR ssertf Ps 42 Hope

in God Saul cast down. I REMEMBER You. PI

a.: i 1-, Ps 7 3:26 flesh & heard failey. Immediately

But God is my portion of FUTURE GRACE (B/c).

will oust God. He is my portion. Daniel: Needed

o be led. God has given us examples. Satan lies.

all night, more gloom & despondency. His word

loes revive. Go p DOES 5 How PS 30: 5., The

Psalmist is arguing. I WILL praise It in. Through

those dark valleys. we need to keep preachy to oneka.

Tolley, Good, noble, soul draft. 0 MY soul.

It is well with my soul.

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