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1997 Sunday School Promotion

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Today is the last day of Sunday School.  We have come to the end of another year of learning in our Sunday School Program. With this event a group of young people have reached an important milestone in their lives. And with that comes a feeling of satisfaction that we have accomplished a certain task which was set before us. 

Today we take the time to recognise this milestone that our students have reached. Although we specifically recognise the achievement of four distinct groups, we are thankful and proud of all of our students who have attended Sunday School at NKMC. 

You have not only completed this year of Sunday School.  You have also grown in your understanding of God's Word.  Some of you will be going into another grade level in September.  Some of you will join the youth class and some of you are now officially young adults.  And as you become involved in various areas of the church life you will find new opportunities and challenges for spiritual growth. And we very much encourage all of you to continue participating in different areas of ministry in our Church.

In recognition of your achievements your church family has prepared some gifts for you. Each of our grade 2 and grade 8 students will receive a hard cover Study Bible. We have chosen these Bibles very carefully, knowing that children and teens who understand what they are reading, find it easier to get into the habit of making Bible readings and devotions a regular practice in their lives. As you move into a higher grade we encourage you to bring your Bibles to class regularly.

Our grade 6 students will receive a Certificate in recognition of their Promotion into the Junior High department.  And finally, our Grade 12 students will be given a Coffee Mug engraved with their names and the logo of the General Conference Mennonite Church.

We hope that these gifts, the Bibles, the Certificates and the Coffee Mugs, will be a constant reminder to you, of the Christian community that has nurtured your faith up to this point.

I would now like to call up the Grade 2 students to receive their Bibles:

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