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Trusting GOD On Troubled Waters

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Trusting GOD on Troubled Waters

Matthew 14: 22-33


Four Parts of Matthew 14:

I. Jesus Remembers a Worker (vs. 1-12)

a. John The Baptist

II. Jesus Removes a Worry (Vs. 13-21)

a. Feeding of The Thousands

III. Jesus Rescues a Walker (Vs. 22-33)

a. Peter Walks on Water

IV. Jesus Receives a Welcome (Vs. 34-36)

a. Christ’s unexpected visit to Gennesaret


I. A Deliberate Command (Go to the other side) Vs. 22

a. Misplaced Passion

i. Jn 6:15 (Fishes & Loaves)

ii. Enthusiasm … King… Send away disciples… before it happened..

b. Master’s Plan

i. Prevented them from working on Leaders position….

ii. Put them in a storm..

II. A Divine Communion (He went into a mountain to pray) Vs. 23

a. He sees us even when we can’t see Him…

b. He Went after Prayer…Evening to 3-4 am before He went… at least 8 hrs in prayer…

c. He waits until the fourth Watch…

i. Watched them toil.. Their own efforts and strengths…

ii. Waited until they were helpless…

1. He was the one who told them to get in boat….

2. Ps.46:5(breaking…day)…

III. A Devastating Concern (He went to them…) Vs. 25

a. The Master’s Compassion: Peripateo Peripateo (Peri-periscope) To “Walk Around” –

b. The Master’s Challenge: Mark 6: 48 “and would have passed by them”…

c. The Master’s Confused Followers: “Supposed He was a ghost”…

d. The Master’s Coming: Their Trouble provided for His Trip… (the Water)He Travels on our troubles…Plants feet upon the sea.. Rides on every Storm…

IV. A Daring Cry (Lord, if it be thou, bid me come …on the water) Vs. 28

i. Masters Acceptance - Jesus did not not condemn…(if it be thou)

ii. Murmurers - Can’t you hear the boat dwellers..? Rom. 14:23 “not of faith is sin”

iii. Mistake – Peripateo…! Only Jesus has that Right and Power..!

V. A Dangerous Collapse (But when He saw the winds boisterous…) Vs. 25

a. Peter’s Weakness Elevated - The amplified version {but when he perceived, and felt the strong wind, he was frightened…} This was always Peter’s Weakness.

i. He denied his Lord, at the fire because he ceased watching the master to see a little girl…

ii. He asked a foolish question on the beach of the sea of Galilee, because he saw John, and not Jesus..

iii. He was later rebuked by Paul, because once again he became more anxious to please Jewish observers than to adhere to the principles of the new faith!(gal. 2:11-13) Keep your eyes on Jesus, come what may…..!!!

b. Peter’s Water Experience –

i. Walking Feet – Often Criticized, but he walked…

ii. Wavering Faith - What was going over his head, was still under Jesus feet..!

c. Peter’s Way of Escape –

i. Cried Out… heard my despairing cry…

ii. Grabbed On… stretched forth His hand…


VI. A Desired Conclusion (Of a truth… thou art the Son of GOD…) Vs. 33b

a. When they both returned to the ship, the winds ceased…Vs. 32

b. They that were in the ship came and worshiped Him…Vs. 33

Since I know who He is… I can trust Him…

even on, the stormy sea,…

Oh… I trust Him…

I trusted Him With my Eternity.. I can trust Him with my life..!

Our Elders said.. “I will trust, in the Lord…”

“ain’t no danger, in GOD’s water”….

I trust in God wherever I may be,

My heav’nly Father watches over me.

My heav’nly Father watches over me.

My heav’nly Father watches over me.

My heav’nly Father watches over me.

My heavn’ly Father watches over me.

Although the storms keep on raging…

Dr. Craig E. White, Sr.

Cornerstone Baptist Church of Christ

Delivered on The Lord’s Day August 30, 2009

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