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The Confession of A King #6

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Proposition: We can concentrate on a future of doing what's right once they, whom we love and respect, forget the wrongs of the past.

Introduction: Like it never even happened.

  • This is a slogan for a company.
  • I saw the commercial
  • David is asking for this type of service with his sin. (Like it never happened)

I. Hiding

A. David had tried to hide his sin before, and that was not successful.

B. Adam and Eve tried to hide their sin from God

C. We should not try to hide from God.

  • Ignoring our dependance on God
  • Ignoring our accountability to God

II. Hide your Face...

A. David wants God's face hid from David's sin.

  • No longer does David desire for his sin to be hid
  • The face is used to symbolize the current temperament of a person.

B. When our parents first found out some of the bad stuff we did.

  • We were going to do better and we wanted them to forget about that bad act
  • We did not care as much if our friends would bring it up but we cared if our parents did.
  • Same situation happens with our spouses.

C. Our sins have been covered (or hid) by the blood of the Lamb.

  • Jesus died on the cross to satisfy the justice of God
  • God no longer sees our sins, but the sacrifice of Jesus

III. Blot out all my iniquity

A. Records were kept on leather skins, so David is asking for the record to be wiped clean.

B. A juvenile record may be sealed, but an expunged record is wiped clean

C. Our sins are not only covered by the blood of Jesus, but his sacrifice also paid for our sins in full.

Conclusion: Paid in full

  • All my lying has been paid for
  • All my cheating has been paid for
  • All my backbiting has been paid for
  • All of my whore-mongering has been paid for.
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