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Six Levels of Faith

Sermon Tone Analysis
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I. Definition of faith

1. Faith is the substance

2. By faith we obtain a good testimony

The progression of faith in the Christian life. We are not just believing for more luxeries.

II. By faith we understand the worlds were framed by the word of God.

1. God's word has creative power

2. The first level of faith is to just believe that there is a God and that he is able to speak to you and that when he does his word will have the power to change your life. God's word can create a new world for us.

3. My testimony - I came to god not knowing who he was but deciding to diligently seek him

III. By faith Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice

1. As we begin to seek God we are going to become aware that there is something wrong. Something blocking and holding us back. We are aware of our sin, our unbelieving, doubting hearts. We know that before our world can change we have to change. This too is accomplished by faith, by faith in Jesus christ. So in Able we see the second level of faith, saving, cleansing faith

2. About the atonement

3. My testimony about searching for who Jesus is

IV. Enoch - translating faith (faith to overcome death and go to heaven)

1. Takes away fear of death

2. Takes away fear of risk

3. Gives us a different mindset

V. Noah - faith to "prepare"

1. After first three levels of faith we are ready to prepare an arc

2. Faith to prepare, is faith to see God's plan and vision for your life.

3. You start to get ready, pray study, practice, people may laugh at you like they did Noah but you are getting ready

4. God will not ask us to do what he has not prepared us to do

VI. Abraham - faith to obey and go

1. Once we are prepared god will place us and we need faith to hear and obey and to go.

2. We need to obey god above man. Abraham left his father's house. We want to honor our mothers and fathers but we need to obey the call of god. His call may not look like the call of the world. God's ways are not our ways.

VII. Sarah - Faith to bring forth life

1. Like Sarah we feel that we are dead and powerless to help but with faith all things are possible. The next level in the progression of faith is faith to bring forth life

2. Our walk of faith is not just for ourselves. While we are still here and not yet in heaven we can help others. A successful life and ministry is one that produces life in others

Practical application

1. Assured or persuaded (v.13) - holy spirit illuminates the word and it becomes Rhema we are convinced

2. Embraced them - testing will come but we hold on

3. Confessed that they were strangers - we will talk different. Our hearts are different. Our minds are diferent. Our confession is different. Confess the word, not superficially or superstitiously but from a heart of faith that has been fully persuaded by the illumination of the Spirit of God.

God is not ashamed to be called their God and has prepared a city for them. If we live a life of faith God will be pleased and we will stand before him some day hear the words well done, enter into the joy of my city.

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