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get over it II

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Greater Faith, 4/25/10


Scx: Gen. 1:26-28

Title: Get over it


Theo: underpressure , stressed out,

Under the expectation of others

Interpretation of this Passage:

1.       Ecological

a.       To dominate

b.      Plunder ;

                                                   i.      Treat water like it will always flow

                                                 ii.      No thought for environment, the air, the rivers = polluted

2.       Wars (b/c we believe we have to dominate others: b/c we want power)

a.       Religious wars : Christian/Islam , Islam/Jews, Jew/Canaanites

b.      European Christian/American Indian

3.       culture of consumption

Dominion for too many means greed and manipulation

4.       when we pervert God’s intention we become manipulators;

a.       we have to manipulate others and ourselves to continue to operate outside the will of God

b.      Priest preaching to boys and then preying on boy

God’s Intented  for us to have dominion in a healthy way

1.       Background text:  creation story

2.       God’s gives us a glimpse through the Spirit

a.       Spirit over creation/chaos Gen.1;1

                                                                i.      Creative power

                                                               ii.      Life and death in the power of your tongue

b.      To have power over the material things in your life

c.       Power over everything except each other

                                                                i.      Abuse men

                                                               ii.      Abusive woman: try to give your man a skirt

d.      Harness the potential he has placed in your life


a.       Let there be’s;   earth, heaven, sea

                                                                i.      Preparation for His favorite creation

                                                               ii.      God created humanity

1.       Before he created man he gave us authority and power to rule over.

b.      Dominion = rule over to be powerful and to be good stewards

                                                                i.      Not to rape the planet of all it’s resource like pirates

                                                               ii.      But to be responsible stewards of God’s gift to us

1.       Not wasting

                                                             iii.      i.e American Indians

                                                             iv.      Q: ask yourself the Q: have I been a good steward over the things that God but in my life.

4.       Made in His Image

a.       Everything “ let there be” but man He created

b.      Who is God:

                                                                i.      Powerful

                                                               ii.      Generous

                                                             iii.      Holy

                                                             iv.      Forgiving

                                                              v.      victorious

                                                             vi.      Jesus said when you see me you see the father

c.       Designed for relationship

Theo: of whose we are   ( Q: who are you?)

Your identity makes a different.  (dating: who is she and who are her parents)

When we have lost touch with our identity we can be destructive


d.      Jesus: came to give life and more abundantly

e.      We have become hostage to our desires and wants

f.        Hostage to looking good and keeping up with the joneses

If you want to get over stuff you’ve got to know who you are and whose you are

Illus.  choir robe to robeless member ( in the likeness of God)

Where we are

g.       Under

1.       Religious burden

a.       Jesus criticize the religious of his time:  for casting heavy burdens on the others put they themselves not living what they preach


Spring cleaning: Get rid of stuff, take some stuff off, put some stuff on

Burdened under bad relationships: you need to get over it

Crying that He left you: get over it

Bitter about your past: get over it

Who is in control? Are you controlling things in your life or are things in your life controlling you

When you don’t know who or whose you are you will live like the prodigal son

We are acting out as adults b/c we are still under the burden of getting our patients approval

some of us are still under the burden of our parents expectation

God’s intention

a.       Is to give you dominion

b.      The devil’s intention is to dominate  you

Who are you?

We are living under your potential b/c you are allowing the enemy to define who you are

Emotional bondage: depression, anxiety, fear

Examine what is worrying you and get over it.

Get over feeling defeated…

I know you have been

·         Under appreciated

·         Under payed

·         Some of you have been living Undercover

·         Some of you have been misunderstood

·         Whole lot of us feel like we under water

o    Drowning in debt

o   Drowning in sorrow

o   Drowning in regret

o   Drowning in your past

o   But it’s time for you to get over it

o   God has given you the capacity to have life and to live it abundantly


Brothers and sisters I have come to let you know your rightful place is not to be under anything.  And if you must be under the influences of something or someone, be under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

The enemy desires:

·         that we live under our potential.

·         That you live in the state of a broken relationship with your God.

·         Fear

·         State of hopelessness

·         Self-centeredness

But I’ve got news for you.  Tell the devil. I am gonna get over this.

God did not make me 
-the tail, but the head.

-to fail but to succeed

-to live in fear but to rejoice in faith

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