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The Confession of A King #3

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Proposition: We must deal with deep rooted demons from our past in order to have a lifestyle that embodies victory.

Introduction: I often wonder just how strong the church could be

  • We are weak because we will not give ourselves to God completely
  • If we could get on one accord there is no limit to what we could do.

I. Cursed By Our Human Nature

A. David says he is born (original) into iniquity

      1. The word translated “Brought Forth” literally means to twirl as in the pain of childbirth
      2. David realizes that he was born with a sinful nature.

B. Paul explains this problem in Romans 7:18-24

      1. God's Law is Good
      2. There is a problem with keeping God's Law even though I want to.
      3. The problem is rooted in my very nature

C. We cannot depend on our own goodness since we are sinners by nature

      1. We must depend on God's indwelling power to deal with our sins
      2. We cant just try to do better
      3. we must admit that we are sinners

II. Cursed By Our Close Relationships

A. David says that he was conceived in sin

      1. The picture here is the passion that his mother had while he was being conceived
      2. David was born into a situation that was already sinful

B. Professional athletes sometimes cannot let go of the life they grew up in

C. We need to grow past our past environment

      1. We must grow past our family situation
      2. We must grow past our past romantic relationships
      3. We may have to leave loved ones behind and pray that they “catch up” spiritually

Conclusion: Start by dealing with the demons from within

  • David acknowledges that this problems is rooted from deep within him.
  • The sinful act is just a symptom.
  • David knows that he must start to tackle these issues, and he ask God to give him the wisdom to do so.
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