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Restore to True Faith

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3ed Easter

John 21:1-14, Acts 9:1-22

Restores to True Faith


· Many times, we go opposite way in the line of our faith. We think it is good faith and acceptable to God and we are in the right path of Godly way.

· Nevertheless, we do our own way of things and believing God would approve them.

· It is frustrating for us to know about Peter and other disciple of Christ to go back for their former job “fishing.”

· They wended to do their own things rather than to continue the work of Christ, because they did not know what to do next without their Master Jesus Christ.


· What do we know about the nature of Peter? He was a leader to this group of fishermen from the beginning.

· He does things and speaks without any thinking. He was rush to speak and rush to do things.

· He confessed Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of living God, when Jesus asked to all His disciples, who do people think that He was. Moreover, Jesus appreciated his answer. Matthew 16:16-17

· In the same chapter, some verses bellow, Jesus called him, “Satan” because he did not like Jesus to suffer on the cross. Matthew 16:2-23

· In addition, when the time of Lord’s Supper, he showed his loyalty to Jesus. Matthew 26:33-35

· He denied three times in the same day early in the morning. Matthew 26:69-75

· Though he had no stability, Jesus made him a leader and called him a rock to build His church.

· God will use our original nature to extend His kingdom in this world.


· What a loving God we have? He will restore us even though we are running away from Him.

· He restore Peter and other disciple who went back their own farmer job, by giving them a miracles which He did at the time of their calling first time.

· Luke 5:1-11. Jesus said, “Put into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” They caught number of fish that their nets began to break.

· Instead of saying thanks to Jesus, Peter said, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man. O Lord.”

· Peter confessed his sins to the Lord instead of praising Him for this miracle.

· With the same miracle, He brought them back and proved Himself that still He is alive and still He has power of God.

· From that time, we have no evidence that, they went back fishing back again. Jesus restored Thomas from his unbelief and now He restored Peter and other disciples to the true faith in Him.


· Soul also going wrong direction to serve God by persecuting believes of Christ. He that that he was serving the true God by punishing Christians.

· He was very zealous man of God of Jewish religion and Law of God.

· Jesus knows his heart of faith. He uncounted him and called him to His service, by appearing to him on his way to Damascus by asking him, “Why have you persecuting Me.”

· He restored Paul in the right direction of true faith.


· May of Indian Christians know the name “Sadhu Sunder Singh.” He was an enemy of Christians at the beginning of his life. He through stones on Christian children when he was a boy in a Christians school. He burned a New Testament in front of a Christian teacher of his school. However, in his heart, he wanted to know truth of God. Jesus appeared to him one early in the morning while he wanted to die if he did not see the true God. He showed His hands and feet and restored Sunder Singh to this true faith.


· What is your direction now? Are you going wrong way from the Lord? It may be good to you and you may think that you are doing God’s work by going that direction.

· If you have zeal to know the true faith in Jesus Christ, God would restore you to the true faith of knowledge. Confess your sins to God and follow the word of God in your life. Amen.

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