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Too Greedy to Live

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Two men struck gold in the wilderness during the great Klondike Gold Rush. Each day they could hardly wait to get out of their bunks to continue their search for gold. They found more and more each day. They were so busy they didn’t noticed that summer had passed and that fall was upon them. They didn’t notice the chill in the air because they were so eager to get more and more of the glittering yellow gold. One morning they awoke to find themselves in the midst of a howling snowstorm that lasted four days. When it was over, they discovered they were snowbound. The winter months had come, and within a few weeks, their food supply was exhausted. Several years later, the prospectors’ cabin was discovered. All that remained of them were their skeletons. On a rough-hewn table, next to bags of gold, was found a note describing what had happened to them, of how they had not noticed that winter was coming, and they were caught unprepared.

Now you hear that story and say, “They were foolish! I’d never be so greedy that I’d sacrifice my life for gold.” O, but you sacrificing something much more important. You’re sacrificing your eternity. Those miners weren’t the first ones to flunk the money test.

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