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The Confession of A King #2

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Proposition: We must come to terms with our sins. If we live in denial then we cant heal and grow past them. If we excuse them them we may never overcome them.

Introduction: (Explain what transgressions and sins that David is talking about)

I. Acknowledgment of Sin (Psalm 51:3)

A. David has full knowledge of his shortcomings

  1. The meaning of sin and transgression
    • Transgression means to rebel against authority
    • Sin means to miss the ideal standard
  2. Word translated as acknowledge means to know
  3. Phrase “before me” means in my face or in my eyes
    • The guilt that David must feel may have cause him to constantly think about what he has done wrong

B. A child “knows” when they have done wrong.

C. We must not play mind games with our sins.

II. Acknowledgment of God's Authority (Psalm 51:4a)

A. David realizes that ultimately it is God he has wronged.

  1. Even though David had wronged many people it is God's law that he broke

B. If we commit murder in England it is the laws of England we have broken.

C. There are some who want to classify bad behavior as a private matter, but all sin is against God

III. Acceptance of Consequences (Psalm 51:4b)

A. David is willing to accept any punishment that God decides is necessary.

B. Someone get's reprimanded at work and how they respond to it.

  1. Were they wrong?
  2. Are they trying to get away with something?
  3. Are they truly remorseful about what happened?

C. We must not blame God for the consequences of our actions.

  1. We must not compare our situations to others
  2. We must not try to bargain with God
  3. True repentance accepts God's punishment
    • This shows trust in God as a righteous judge

Conclusion: God will separate the wheat from the tares

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