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The Confession of a King #1

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Proposition: God can forgive the worst sinner. Don't hesitate to ask God for forgiveness.

INTRODUCTION: Has the court plea bargain system tainted our view of mercy?

  • Many times the courts are not concerned with finding the guilt or innocence
  • The courts are concerned with probability of conviction
  • Plea bargains are arrangement where a guilty plea is given in exchange for a reduced sentence.

I. His Plea for Mercy

A. David did ask for mercy

    1. David had sinned and now ask God for mercy
    2. Mercy is compassion given to someone who may deserve harsh treatment.

B. Prodigal Son Went home after he messed up

    1. He wanted to work as a hireling

C. We must ask God for mercy, no matter how bad the sin

    1. We are all sinners
    2. Why we may not want to ask for mercy
      • Pride
      • fear of rejection
      • feeling unworthy of forgiveness
    3. We can ask God for mercy

II. His Case for Mercy

A. David builds the case for mercy based on God's love

    1. David pleads to God's loving kindness
    2. David pleads to the multitude of God's tender mercies (compassion)
    3. David plead to the relationship he has enjoyed with god in the past

B. The prodigal son's Father accepted him

    1. His father welcomed him back home because of their relationship

C. God's love is not based on our actions, but it is base on our relationship

    1. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly
    2. God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son.

III. His Desire to be Cleansed

A. David uses three words that allude to cleansing

    1. Blot out (wipe clean) transgressions
    2. wash me from iniquity
    3. cleanse me from sin

B. When I tried to paint our dining room without removing the wallpaper completely.

    1. It looked fine momentarily
    2. the paint soaked into the left over paper and would not stick to the wall
    3. the paint did not stick until I cleaned the wall of all of the old wall paper.

C. We must have a desire to be clean

    1. We must desire more than just to “look good”
    2. We must allow God to clean us

CONCLUSION: Walk in the light

  • Jesus is in the light
  • He will cleanse us from all sin
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