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Give God A Chance

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Introduction: Cola Taste Tests

I. Taste and see that the Lord is Good

A. Taste

    1. This means to evaluate the flavor with your tongue
      • in our context it means to evaluate the situation
    2. Testing of the waters before you swim
      • testing the temperature
      • testing the depth
      • testing if there are dangers in the waters
    3. The only way we can begin to live for God is to try to live for God
      • Why can't you try to live for God in a more perfect way?

B. See

    1. This means to understand or perceive for your self
    2. The example of the apostle Thomas
      • He would not believe until he "saw" Jesus for himself
    3. We should not rely on a second hand faith. We should know God for our selves.
      • we cant "touch" Jesus with our physicality, but we still can know that God is real.
      • we can read the scriptures, test them, a have a relationship with the God of the Bible.

C. Trust

    1. This word means to find shelter in the time of a storm
    2. I can see motorcycle drivers under the via duct during rain storms.
    3. where do we run when the storms of life are upon us?
      • do we trust God enough to trust him?

II. Fear of the Lord

A. Afraid

    1. fear because of perceived danger
    2. Don't fear man who can hurt your body, but fear God who can put both body and soul into hell
    3. Do we really fear what God can do to us?

B. Astonished

    1. Sudden and great wonder or surprise
    2. When you first met your spouse.
      • the great emotional feelings
    3. Are we in awe of God's greatness?f

C. Respectful

III. The Blessings of God

A. Meaning of Blessings

    1. to be happy because your situation is favorable

B. Examples of God's Blessings

    1. We have what we need.
    2. David in the 23rd Psalm "I shall not want"
    3. We may not have all of our hearts desires but we will not go with out necessities

C. Blessings are because of behavior

    1. implicit in these blessings is the thought that we are living right with God
    2. Eating right and having good health
    3. When we live as God instructs us then we will see that God wants whats best for us

Conclusion: I have never seen the righteous forsaken

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