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Topical - Baptism Why Do It

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Baptism Service

March 16, 2003

at Midwest Bible Church

Tina Amadi, Sabrina LaRocco, Victoria Gonzalez, Gabriel Gonzalez


Baptism: Why do it?


Because Christ got baptized: Mt. 3:15

Because God the Father is pleased with it: Mt. 3:17

Because Christ's disciples baptized: Jn. 4:1-2

Because Christ commanded it: Mt. 28:19-20

Because it shows the spiritual reality of my resurrection from the spiritual death of sin: Rom. 6:3-4, Acts 2:38

Because it shows the spiritual cleansing by faith in Christ through which we receive his Holy Spirit: Lk. 3:16, Jn. 1:33, Acts 1:5

Because it is the formal means by which we receive the Name of Christ: Acts 10:48, 19:5, 22:16

Because it is my pledge of conscience toward God: 1Pet. 3:21

Because it is a seal upon my faith: Col. 2:11-12

Because I want to follow Christ in his likeness: Gal. 3:27

God's Love Language

John 13:1-17

1.       What is your love language? How do you like love to be shown to you? How do you like to show love to others? If you had to leave a parting gift to your closest friends, what would it be? How would you choose to show the full extent of your love? (Mike cooked a ham and even did the dishes for Kelly Anne's BD party today [I doubt Jesus would have cooked a ham though]).

2.       Jesus chose even to show his love to a lost cause – Judas. Jesus is willing to show his love even to the dirtiest among us.

3.       He did this because God had put all things under his power – even dirt, even sin. Jesus had come from – and was returning to – God. If any were to be lost, they would not be lost on his account. He showed love to everyone – even dirt balls.

4.       So Jesus got up and got dressed to show love.

5.       Jesus not only showed his love – he followed through with it.

6.       Jesus wants to wash the dirtiest part of us – cartoon example

7.       Maybe even now you don't know the full significance of what Jesus has done for you. Wait until the Judgment and redouble your praise for him as you observe the fate of the unwashed.

8.       Peter's heart is in the game, but he keeps fumbling his free throws. His is a combination of humility bordering on pride. Have you even known anyone starving and unable to work, but they wouldn't accept help because of their pride?

9.       So Peter got the message and said, "Let's not do a sprinkling, let's do an immersion."

10.     Now Jesus gets practical on Peter. Peter is still in mode 1 of excess. Jesus knew that Peter was already saved. He was already clean by faith in Christ. But our faith in Christ will keep us clean as we continue to put down our pride and false humility and come to him for forgiveness for any recurring sin in our lives. Have you come to Christ for the full-body bath of baptism by immersion? If so, you are clean. From then on all you need is a sponge bath for the dirt of life that seems to collect on us.

11.     But note here Jesus' comment about Judas once again. Here is one who never submitted to his lordship.

12.     So do you understand this picture of baptism here? Yes, it is Jesus example of loving service that all his disciples must perform for one another. Yes, it is a picture of our need for continuing forgiveness even after salvation and baptism. But I also see it as a picture of baptism. The baptism of Christ that we partake is a baptism of loving service to keep us clean from original and continuing sin. It is complete and effective.

13-17.         As he serves to lovingly forgive us, as our Teacher, we should go and do likewise. We should love, serve, and forgive others.

Conclusion: Christ's love language --- Have you learned your ABC's? Are you learning to put the words and sentences of Jesus together in a life of godliness? Are you living out your baptism?

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