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The Righteousness of God

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Reformation Sunday October 26,2008

The Righteousness of God

Romans 3:19-28


As we know that the Reformation brought into re-think about the Bible and about God, who is the Father of all nations and the Creator of the Universe.

The old and traditional ways of religious thinking was gone and the new era began to understand the nature of God to uphold the real truth of the Bible.

Once we know the truth of the Bible, we come to know God personally, and God reveals Himself to us.

The Nature of man:

Now, firstly, let us understand the nature of our human beings. We know we are created in the image of God and when first Adam sinned, we lost that image.

From that time on, our human nature is to live against the Laws of God. The Law was given by Moses on the mount of Zion. But most of the nations do not read the Bible and do not know the Law of God.

But they know the Law of God by nature through their conscience and God wrote the law on their hearts and minds. (Romans 2:15). How the Buddhist know the killing of even small insets is sin? Many world religions have their own moral and ritual laws. So all human beings know what is sin and what is good. But unfortunately they choose to sin than not doing sin.

Even they know they are in sin, they do not come out of the sin. They are helpless and they do not come out of it by their own good deeds.

The Nature of Christ:

Christ came to this earth as a new Adam to show the love of God and to show the right way to live before God. He died on the Cross for our sins and raised again from the death. The nature of Christ is sinless, he choose right ways before God rather than sinful ways of the earth. Because He love us, He gave His life for us so that we all should enter into the kingdom of God. He covered us with his righteous blood so that all our sins are forgiven and we are justified before God.

“The righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it- the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.” (Romans 3:21,22)


God’s righteousness is our salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. We, therefore justified by faith and became Children of God. God can see only the righteousness of Christ in us. Because we have given the cloth of righteousness by our Savior Jesus Christ through our faith in Him.

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