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The Garment of Salvation

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When we are going to a party, we dressed well to suite for that party. While we are going to a worship place we dress differently to suite to the worship. We learn to dress accordingly.

What dress you will ware in the kingdom of God.

Our heavenly Father and God invites us to take part in the wedding party of His Son Jesus Christ. Think about it what dress will be suitable to ware for this wedding feast.


In this Gospel reading of Matthew, we just heard that a King invited some important people for the wedding feast of his son, they did not answered him and refused to go into the wedding feast and did not honor the King. So the King punished them. They received their punishment.

These are the people of Jews, they are the ones who are chosen to be people of God.

God invited them to His kingdom by sending his prophets, John the Baptist and finally His Son Jesus Christ. and apostles. But they rejected and did not honor God. They received their punishment.

Secondly the King invited all common people good or bad. They all accepted this invitation and came to the wedding feast and the hall was full of people.

We, gentiles are common people here, all kinds of people, ethnic groups. We have received Christ and the Gospel of God. We repented and accept his invitation to enter into the kingdom of God.

The story did not end with this.

The King came to see the guests. He found a man who did not have a wedding garment. The King asked him, “Friend, how did you get in here with out a wedding garment?” He kept quite.

The King got angry and asked his servants to throw him in prison.

If you want to enter to the great feast of God and the kingdom of heaven you need a garment of wedding feast. What do you mean of this garment? And how can we get that garment?


This was a eastern custom when a king invited his guests to his banquet the guests were given a special robe to ware to see the king. The king did not want to see your civil dress and dirty cloths. To honor the king the invited guests should ware this robe.

God, who invited us to his wedding feast or to inherit the his kingdom he arranged a special robe.

The name of the robe is called: robe of righteousness. Every one who enters his kingdom should ware it.

With out it you cannot enter into his kingdom.

This robe is given by his Son Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for our sins.

If you want to receive it you must have faith in Him, through His grace He will give it freely.

Not by your good works, not by your merits but only trusting in Him.

It also called the Garment of Salvation.

Every Christian should receive it. Some said it is the Baptism into Christ.

When you received the Baptism into Christ, your sins are washed away and you are given this new robe of righteousness.

Through baptism we are saved by Christ. Keeping faith in Him you are saved.


Dear Friend, did you receive the Garment of Salvation to enter into the great feast of heaven? If you are accepted Jesus as your personal savior and receive the baptism into Christ, you have right to enter into his kingdom. Because Christ came into this world to save sinners through his blood he washed away our sins and gave us garment of salvation. It is given to you freely by his grace. Receive it now. Amen.

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